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9 Best Tennis Skirts: On and Off the Court

Imagine it, you're on the move but looking for freedom from constrictive clothing. You want movement and freedom to express yourself. The tennis skirt embodies the free movement tennis pros have followed for generations. Whether you’re on or off the court, your tennis skirt serves a function.  

Feel free to go for a run on the treadmill or to the grocery store. Better yet, maybe take your afternoon hot girl walk in a tennis skirt to break from a long day of nonstop emails. You deserve the break and some fresh air. And there’s so many more reasons to rock the tennis skirt like: 

  • Coffee run before your weekend tennis lesson? Throw on your tennis skirt and debate the pros and cons of oat milk vs. almond milk. 
  • Moving your friend into a new apartment? A tennis skirt is perfect to keep cool lugging boxes up flights of stairs as you discuss pivoting techniques for the couch (which is always the case, isn’t it?). 
  • Chasing after your adorable pup with a penchant for stealing shoes and tennis balls? Run like a pro in a skirt made for chasing after tennis balls and the crafty dogs that steal them. 

Whatever the chaos that is your life, why not choose something that makes you feel great in the action? You may even find that a sense of comfort combats the chaos. That’s why we’ve put together a guide of our 9 best tennis skirts (plus a few more we just love). Feel free to wear them on the court to celebrate your win, and off the court to celebrate, well, all the other wins that matter just as much. 

How to Choose Your Next Tennis Skirt 

You’ve probably heard that form follows function. And while this often applies to complicated architecture concepts, it also applies to clothing. Namely your tennis skirt of choice. Think about how you move, what fabrics you prefer, and the type of fit that works best for your game. To help you out we’ve listed some helpful tips below before choosing. 

Which Fabric is Best for a Tennis Skirt?

Let’s be honest, comfort is queen when it comes to tennis skirts. That’s why at EleVen we’ve created skirts with 4-Way Stretch technology that retains the shape while also having a seamless fit like a second skin. But you should also think about if a fabric is:

  • Breathable - Superior breathability leaving you cooler for longer
  • UPF50+ - Ultimate sun-protection that blocks up to 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Moisture Wicking - Like magic because it moves sweat to the fabric’s outer surface, leaving you comfortable and dry

You can also check out two of our top fabric technologies for even more comfort and functionality including:

  • SuperFino™ - Luxe lightweight knit fabric that lasts 
  • Repreve™ - Recycled fiber from unwanted water bottles. It’s durable with wicking, and adaptive warming and cooling properties

Whatever the choice, there really is a fabric for everyone. Think about how you move, what the weather is like, or if you’re just looking for sustainable products to help the planet. At EleVen we’re dedicated to helping you move in a way that serves you beyond the court. 


tennis ball pocket

Are Tennis Skirts still in Style?

Of course! The tennis skirt embodies the spirit of movement no matter the age or activity level. Aside from functionality, tennis skirts quite literally serve as an expression of you. Think about your favorite jeans, you love them because they look best on you and they become an extension of your style. Your tennis skirt is the same. It’s timeless in design, but always changing in terms of personality. Maybe you love color and design. Or maybe you’re a lover of the classics. However you express your game and life, that should then be expressed in what you wear. 

Whatever the choice, your tennis skirt becomes an expression of your game and your personality on and off the court. And that’s never going out of style. 

What Do You Wear Under a Tennis Skirt? 

Traditionally spandex has largely been worn under tennis skirts. But we understand that sometimes we’re all looking for a little more coverage. Our tennis skirts feature a variety of spandex lengths from shorties to capri length, all depending on the season, desired UPF50+ skin coverage, and your comfort level. Just as your needs are specific and unique, so are our tennis skirts. 

What Do You Wear With a Tennis Skirt? 

The options are endless! But don’t worry it’s a fun type of endless. Our tops range from tanks to bras to polos and even pullovers for those chilly months of play (or lounging - we’re not judging).

SPF, 365 days a year. Our sweat proof sunscreens are the perfect accessory to any tennis outfit. 

But if you’re in the market for other crucial tennis accessories we’ve got you there too. Check out our range of accessories from sunglasses to visors to pair with any tennis skirt.  

tennis accessories

Our Top Tennis Skirt Choices 

You’re looking for options and we’ve got them. Check out our best sellers and styles that fit your personality and preferences. 


best selling tennis skirt

Best Selling Skirt 2022 

Looking for our cutest, yet most efficient tennis skirt? Here it is, the Outskirt Capri. We designed this tennis skirt to combine the best of leggings with the best of tennis skirts. This is an essential piece for coverage and a bit of fun thanks to the sheer skirt overlay. 

Features - Ball pockets on each side (how can you beat that!), a mid-rise waistband, and quick-dry performance that blocks up to 98% of harmful UPF50+ rays. 

Styling - Try pairing with the High Vibes Tank, which is so lightweight it feels like a second skin and it’s made of 9 recycled water bottles. 

Venus Says - A compressive fit option for maximum performance! We recommend sizing up, similar to your everyday leggings, to get the best of both worlds. 


Overall Best Skirt

It’s no wonder that it’s an essential and a best-selling skirt. The Flutter Skirt is made of 83% Polyester Repreve™ along with 17% Spandex for a sustainable and comfortable option. This is a great option for tennis pros and amateurs on the court and for anyone looking for an everyday option built for movement. 

Features - The Flutter Skirt is lightweight, smooth, and comfortable. With a medium-rise waistband and built-in shortie liner with pockets, this tennis skirt provides coverage and flexibility for all day wear. 

Styling - Feel free to mix and match this essential tennis piece with another essential piece like the Legacy Long Sleeve or something funkier like the Retro Revival Sports Bra

Venus Says - A go-to for tournaments and signature twirls. This is a fully sustainable option, as each skirt is made from 7 (yes 7!) recycled water bottles. 



Best Budget

The Super Fly Skirt embodies who you are on and off the court, and that’s super fly! How could you not rock this skirt? With a built-in shortie and coming in Rosetta Floral, Ocean, and Bright White this is the perfect budget option as you become the envy of the court. Maybe it’s your skills, but maybe it’s also how great you look - the world may never know! 

Features - Ball pockets on both sides, made with our Polyester Repreve™ ribbed fabric, that provides four-way stretch there’s no beating this tennis skirt’s function. 

Styling - Matching sets are in so why not pair this skirt with our Cross Court Tank for the full court look. 

Venus Says - This tennis skirt proves that you can have it all. All of it being a four-way stretch, breathable, and moisture-wicking skirt for the best of play no matter the weather. 



best pleated tennis skirt


Our Pick for a Pleated Skirt

What do you get when you modernize a vintage tennis skirt? You get the Baseline, a 14” tennis skirt with all-around pleats, a sporty stripe detail, and printed elastic around the waistband. 

Features - This skirt has all of the best technologies from 4-Way Stretch to UPF50+ protection, it’s also made with Vaportex®, Superfino™, and Repreve™ fabrics to keep you dry, feeling light, and in recycled fibers to help the environment. 

Styling - Pair with the Baseline Tank or the Vintage Sport Tank for a fetching full court ensemble. 

Venus Says - This is another skirt I just had to wear-test myself to see performance and movement on and off the court. And did it hold up to the test! This is a great choice for those who like a classic with a twist. 


best selling Capri Skirt

Our Number 1 Selling Capri Skirt 

I know we mentioned this legendary skirt as our best selling skirt of 2022 above, but we had to call it out here as well because it stands in its own category as an incredible Capri Skirt. Maybe you’re looking to jazz up your traditional legging choice? The Outskirt Capri might just become your favorite capri skirt option thanks to the mid-rise waistband built for comfort, coverage, and little fun with the wrap-style sheer overskirt. 

Features - Ball pockets on each side, quick-dry performance, and UPF50+ fabric to block 98% of those harmful ultraviolet rays. 

Styling - Keep it classic by pairing with the Love To Love Rib Tee or mix it up with the Advantage Sports Bra and Courtside Jacket

Venus Says - It comes in White, Black, and Admiral Navy and is our best-selling capri skirt option. This is the perfect option for those looking for the balance of comfort and function with a little bit of fun. Just like our other capri skirt options, we recommend sizing up for a relatable fit to your everyday leggings. 


best A line tennis Skirt

Our Top Choice for an A-Line Skirt

This is the Fly Skirt. It’s just amazing for any type of activity, be it on the court for hours, or simply hanging out with friends. The double pockets are meant to fit phones, keys, a dog toy, whatever you really need. 

Features - As an asymmetric wrap skirt, this is a perfectly comfortable and movement oriented option for those on the go. With a 13” length, 3” shortie inseam, and fully sustainable Repreve™ fabric this tennis skirt is built to last. 

Styling - The Peace Maker Tank is the perfect muscle tank top to match with any skirt, but if you’re feeling vibrant try pairing with a ribbed tank meant to sweat in like the checkered Ace Tank

Venus Says - I live for this skirt. There’s nothing I can’t do in it from walking my dog, Harry, to hanging with family, or hitting the court. I’m always in a Fly Skirt because it’s that good. It’s also made from 8 recycled water bottles, making this a fully sustainable addition to your wardrobe. 


best tennis skirt with pockets

Best Tennis Skirt with Pockets

The Outskirt Shortie pairs an amazing pair of bike shorts with the flirtiest sheer skirt to result in a lightweight tennis skort that’ll impress everyone you pass. We know that sometimes spandex just doesn’t cut it, sometimes you want a little more coverage. With a 13” skirt length and 5.5” inseam this is perfect to feel covered and able to move with ease. 

Features - This is a light-weight skort made of 75% Polyester and 25% Spandex with a mid-rise waistband built for comfort. We also added side leg pockets for easy storage. Afterall, can you ever have too many pockets? 

Styling - To amp up this flirty,  feminine look try out the Orchids in Bloom Tank or the Sweet Lotus Midi Tank

Venus Says - The Outshirt Shortie is a flirty, yet practical option for working out or for when I want a bit more coverage than just spandex. It’s fun, feminine, and totally for you. 


white tennis skirt

White Tennis Skirt

We’ve updated the classic white tennis skirt with a twist. With an allover jacquard tennis ball and 11” emboss detail, the Break Point Skirt is a timeless choice for pros to beginners. 

Features - This is another business in the front, party in the back skirt option thanks to the added pleated detail found on the backside. We also included our 4-Way Stretch and Moisture-Wicking technologies to keep you moving easily with comfort all while staying dry. 

Styling - For a complete set try the Break Point Jacket and Tank, but if you’re looking for a pop of color try pairing with the Vengeance Sports Bra

Venus Says - I wear-tested this skirt personally to prove that it offers maximum performance and movement on and off the court. It’s also an incredibly classic and comfortable option that can keep up with you!


black tennis skirt

Black Tennis Skirt

It’s our best-selling shortie re-imagined for a reason: it’s a renegade perfect for performance, and, well, it’s plain ol’ cute. The Renegade Shortie comes in black with a pop of animal print on the shortie and waistband. 

Features - It’s got 4-Way Stretch, it’s Moisture-Wicking, and it has dual pockets. The perfect combination for being the renegade you are on and off the court. 

Styling - From The Batman Collection check out the Renegade Sports Bra, the Victory Midi Tank, or the Victory Sports Bra.  

Venus Says - This is a fierce look to rock on the court, striking envy from every corner, but it’s also incredibly functional too. We’ve re-imagined our best shortie to provide an amazing fit without sacrificing on style. 


Other Skirts We Love and Recommend

stylish tennis skirts

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Skirt 

You want something lightweight, that can’t stop, no, won’t stop - just like you. Then we present your match with the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Skirt. It’s an a-line, ribbed skirt meant to be fitted as you’re in motion. 

Features - Thanks to the Repreve™ fabric this skirt is fully sustainable and super soft to the touch without sacrificing on fit. You’ll feel feminine and powerful as the front of this skirt drapes and floats beautifully in motion. It also features a shortie liner and dual pockets for added tennis performance. 

Styling - You can always mix and match this skirt (which comes in four amazing colors), but why not check out our favorite Race Day Tank for a fresh look. 

Venus Says - This is a classic, flattering fit to highlight every figure. If you like an athletic, looser fit try going 1 size up!


sparkle tennis skirt

Moon Desert Skirt 

We both know you’re fun and you want to show it - why wouldn’t you! That’s why our Moon Desert Skirt is the perfect reflection of your fun spirit. Whether you choose Aqua Snake or Fuschia Snake, you’ll turn heads. 

Features - This is a different tennis skirt thanks to the 13” high shine fabric with a waterfall hem, built-in shorties, and ball pockets at each side. With a fabrication of Polyester and Spandex this skirt is both breathable and moisture-wicking. 

Styling - Pair this with our Moon Desert Tank and you’ll look out of this world matching. For a confident, cool look with a pop of color try the Starburst Sports Bra.  

Venus Says - You should shine on and off the court, which is why the Moon Desert Skirt is the coolest option for those looking to show off their amazing skill and spirit. 


print tennis skirt

Jupiter Warrior Workout Skirt

Okay you’re serving balls and looks in this high-shine signature snake print skirt. The Jupiter Warrior Workout Skirt is the lively option to amp up your play or workout. 

Features - We’ve made this skirt with 4-Way Stretch and Moisture-Wicking technology for maximum play and workout potential. And with a built-in shortie and ball pockets at each side, you’re ready for anything. 

Styling - Pair with our Jupiter Warrior Sports Bra or Racer Tank for a perfect match!

Venus Says - From our Star Seeds Collection, the Jupiter Warrior Workout Skirt is the best choice for those days you’re feeling fierce at heart on the court or at home. 

A Tennis Skirt Built for Your Life

Whether you’re running on the court or running errands, there’s a tennis skirt to fit your life. EleVen is always working to help you find the best of the best for your active life. 

The tennis skirt is a start to building a wardrobe that moves with you and for you day in and day out. You don’t have to be a pro to celebrate movement and celebrate your individuality. As you are free to hit the court, you can also feel free to just get up and move. 

For even more on trending items and educational options check out The VEE blog so we can all inspire, empower, and live all the way to EleVen. 

Shop all Venus’s favorite skirts > https://elevenbyvenuswilliams.com/collections/skirts-and-skorts



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