Light Ankle Band By P.volve

Light Ankle Band By P.volve

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Light Ankle Band By P.volve - Assorted Colors / O/S

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What It Is: Light Ankle Resistance Band. The resistance is moderate, yet challenging enough to open the hips, tone the thighs and activate the glutes.

  • Strong, secure ankle straps
  • A long range of motion through every movement
  • Constant tension on the quads for effective, hurt-free resistance training 

How To Use: Movements with the light ankle band are used both standing and on the mat. Be sure to lift through the core and thighs through movements in order to eliminate tension on the hip flexors.

What It Does: Use the light ankle band to lengthen and elongate the entire lower body.

Why Venus Loves It: Spending most of her time out on the court, this is a great alternative to her tennis training to strengthen hips, thighs and glutes!

• 4.5cm x 6.9cm x 775mm (circumference)

•latex tubing, velcro, sponge

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