Our Story

 I’ve always felt active wear was limited. On the court, I struggled to find clothing that allowed me to express myself the way I could with the never-ending supply of ready-to-wear options. Add to that a fierce desire to motivate people to move their bodies, and the idea of EleVen was born.Arming myself with a degree in fashion, I set out to create something that would represent much more than I could ever achieve on the tennis court: clothing that allows you to express your individuality, cultivate strength and confidence and makes you feel good every time you put it on.


Why Eleven?

The name EleVen represents how I strive to live every day -- that is, without limits. In our world, ‘10’ is just another number, but EleVen is a lifestyle - it’s about challenging your status quo, embracing positive change, and pushing beyond whatever is holding you back from living your ideal life. We all have stories about reaching seemingly impossible goals, especially in the face of fear and doubt. Being an EleVen is about making those stories the rule, rather than the exception. Ask yourself: ‘what else is out there for me?’ Not sure? Good. Get up and go find out. We’ve got your back.

“My mission is to get people moving, healthy and feeling damn good about how they look and feel.”

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