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My name is Evie Ann Barber. My maiden name is Machtel.  I am a single 48 year old female who adores her 97 pound Bernese Mountain dog, Sabrina.  I am originally from Lansing, Michigan and now live in Wellington, Florida. Most of my adult life I have lived in Northern Michigan or the Turks and Caicos Islands. I am an early childhood educator of 25 years and am also a Certified Child Life Specialist.  My BA is in Child Study and my MA is in Human Development specializing in Leadership in Education and College Teaching. I am passionate about my work with children and families and at present am employed at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital as a Child Life Specialist. I enjoy reading, meditation, cooking, traveling, riding horses, yoga, working out, swimming and hiking.

As I embrace this wellness journey I am totally surprised by how much healthier my body, mind and spirit feel already.  Although I had a strong workout program from 2007-2010, I dropped the ball after that and have not been actively working out until now.  Over the last few weeks I have begun to juice in the morning a combination of celery, carrots, cucumber, apple, kale, arugula and a hit of lemon.  If I do have a cup of coffee I only allow myself to have 1 cup twice per week.  This helps me to cut down on my caffeine as I replace it with juicing.
 I get great energy from juicing and do not crave the coffee. I am trying to work out 4 times per week but so far am only finding time for 3 times on average.  It is my goal to increase this to 4.  In the past I often did step body sculpting classes and now I am doing pilates, yoga as well as body sculpting with weights/cardio along with Samantha’s workout. I hope to add some water exercise soon.

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