Ankle Weight by P.volve
Ankle Weight by P.volve

Ankle Weight by P.volve

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Ankle Weight by P.volve - Assorted Colors / O/S

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What It Is: These sand-filled ankle weights, strap on at the ankle to add safe but challenging resistance in every step, life, and movement. 

Each ankle weight is 1.5 lbs. 

What It Does: A safe, but challenging resistance with every step, lift and movement. This pair of strap on light weights truly tones every part of the leg. Movements with the light ankle weights can be done both standing and on the mat, as well as paired with other approved pieces of equipment. We recommend them for any fitness level!

Why Venus Loves It: Easy to strap on to heat up any workout, Venus loves these for an extra burn in her legs. 

Store ankle weights in a dry, cool to room temperature space. Keep dry. Ankle weights are not machine washable. 

•10 inches x 4 inches

•Neoprene with velcro
•Filled w/ Sand

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