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Time Management & Potatoes

The second half of this month has been very challenging for me. My biggest problem has been time management. I started the month organizing my days in order to get in my workouts. I began to fit time in my schedule, which I was never able to do before starting the journey. I spent the second half of this month working and traveling. I don't think that I used my time wisely; I never organized my days to get in full workouts. I did a lot of walking from place to place so I considered it as a work out.  In hindsight, I now understand how important it is to make a log every day tracking the progress of my eating and exercise whether I did good or bad. (I didn’t do that well) At lease that would have allowed me to see that I was going in the wrong direction. The minute I started getting off track I didn't want to document it.

For food,  I made a lot of good choices and some not so good.  I was in France for one week. I ate small portions. I ate salads, chicken, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. I made sure it was prepared with no salt and butter. Now for the bad...I became hooked on the potatoes! I had potatoes every way they could make it sautéed, baked, and fried. I also ate bread with every meal. One glass of champagne for dinner.

My goal for next month is to prepare and organize for all situations. Keep up with my daily journals, and follow through no matter where I am. I realize now how important it is to my fitness goals.