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It’s Working When I Stay Consistent

When I first signed up for this journey I said, "sure I’ll do it!". I had just gotten out of a 17-year relationship and getting fit was just what I needed. So I signed on and made the commitment! It was definitely a step in the right direction. Then it hit me, I have to actually do the work!!!  This journey means being dedicated to fulfilling your goals, putting in the hard work physically and staying committed mentally. Once I realized this, getting organized and starting the journey became much more obtainable.

I have spent the last six weeks trying to schedule in workouts, eat and prepare healthy meals, and lets not forget the daily logging and journals to keep up with.  All this while balancing busy work schedules filled with travel and long hours was tough.  So far I'm still juggling but somehow able to find balance.
I have become more consistent with my workouts. I've continued to run in the mornings. I also love to do yoga. I think the running and yoga helped me lose inches in my waist and thighs. During the last weigh-in I lost 5 pounds and 5 inches in my waist! ...I was so nervous about getting weighed because I felt like I wasn't doing enough exercise to show major results, but I was wrong.  Not only can other people tell that I loss weight, I feel great! I have way more energy to get through the day; I even had to go down a size in my EleVen workout clothes.

Along with exercise the change in my diet has helped with weight loss. I have cut out sweets all together. I only have wine on the weekends. I had to learn not to associate every social gathering with alcohol. Resisting one drink at a time is my motto...lol...So I make sure have a detox tea in the morning when I wake up.

I fill up on greens!! Believe it or not salads can be fun! Having a salad everyday keeps me regular (ha ha)...After discovering Haitian Pickliz I can eat things I don't even like. I usually just pour the pickliz on top of my salad and add a little olive oil.... instant dressing!!

All in all, I'm very grateful to be on this journey. The support team is what keeps me going. I'm excited about the next two weeks. I plan to up the intensity of my work outs and start adding foods to my diet that have the highest nutritional value.