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Preparation is My Armor

Angela Meadows

Posted on November 18 2013

Finally, the time has come where I'm able to make good decision on the foods I choose to eat. I'm no longer struggling to get through day-to-day challenges like snacking, hunger, or cravings.  I've found ways to mentally get myself through these roadblocks. Once I recognize what it is I'm experiencing, then I can conquer that particular episode. I'm not saying that I'm perfect, but having a "solution for the situation" helps me win!

The first step I took was to figure out when, what and why...So I began to write it down. It was when was hungry, I was craving or I was snacking, that I was most vulnerable. What did I choose to eat in these situations? I ate foods that instantly gratified me that often left me with guilt.  I also ate foods with or without nutritional value, only because I liked it. Lastly, why was I choosing to eat these foods? These foods were easy accessible, it was satisfying; ready to eat, crunchy and attractive (pretty).

After identifying the situation, I came up with a solution.  I started reading all the information that Samantha provides for us and started using it as  One thing she talked about was to feng shui your refrigerator. That helped me to have healthy things on hand that can give me instant gratification like chopped fruits, nuts or hummus for snacking.   Planning meals ahead also helps. For instance having fresh vegetables chopped and ready for salads and chicken or fish already prepared, just needing to be warmed up, can be an easy meal. Another thing, when I leave home I pack a lunch and snack. I drink water all day as it cuts down on my snacking, craving, and hunger. It took some time for me to get here mentally but I'd say I'm on the right track...or should I say Journey!!