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Vacation Challenges

Evie Ann Barber

Posted on October 08 2013

My experience thus far on this wellness journey continues to be quite an "eye opener" as I approach my goals and try to maintain them while living my daily life and all it offers!

I was  in the Turks and Caicos islands enjoying a nine-day vacation in a place that I call my second home.  I first came here in 1974 when the island was an off the map destination...walking bush trails and exploring beautiful beaches captivated me as a child of 9 years of age, and I continued to return to this amazing place to live, teach and grow. 

During my vacation, I was  swimming, beach walking, riding horses, sailing, tubing and working out in unique ways.  I was able to run on an old treadmill in my cousin’s garage as a more traditional workout. It has been a challenge to try to maintain my goals as I am reuniting with old friends and being influenced by the island nightlife and social world.  I actually have done quite well over all.  My daily routine of veggie juicing has been a challenge although my girlfriend Myrna did make some homemade cucumber-ginger and carrot-ginger juice for me. The banana bread was good too...we all have our tasty temptations!

I will be  returning to my work as a Child Life Specialist in the hospital world.  I feel rejuvenated and refreshed!  I am looking forward to my walks with Sabrina, my Bernese mountain dog, and riding horses ring side as well as trails.

Peace out,