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Happy Life, Healthy Style

Evie Ann Barber

Posted on December 26 2013

I am having fun playing on the Title words to my wellness journey.

Today was an amazing day filled with activities I really enjoy doing.  I started out the day with a short meditation focusing on gratitude and acceptance of life exactly how it is now.  I like to practice staying in the present moment as much as possible.  At times, I find myself spending my attention on the future, projecting worry or concern or turning my attention to the past and dwelling on past events.  I am improving my ability to stay in the present moment and enjoy exactly what is going on in front of me.  It really is all we have to work with and I choose to believe the "now" is the purest form of energy we have so we must choose to make the most of it.  After my meditation I went to a Pilates class, which felt sooo good to me.  This felt really good for my body, mind and spirit.  After doing a few errands, I got on a pony named "Sail" and went for a ride.  I love my days off work, as I seem to stay physically active and enjoy every minute of it!

I notice that during the week when I return home from work I really do not feel like working out most of the time.  I would rather have a glass of wine and a bath.  However when I do work out first, even if it is only for a half an hour, I feel better and do not crave that glass of wine as I did before.  I can easily choose something else to drink and prepare dinner.  Ginseng and tonic with lime is my favorite choice or vegetable juicing. 

Looking forward to healthy eating this week. I try to plan out my meals so that I can stick to foods that are good for me.  I like to drink a protein shake every morning with kale, spinach vanilla protein powder, almond milk, and a little coconut oil with ice.  It is yummy and fills me right up!