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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Molly Logan

Posted on October 02 2013

The past two weeks of my fitness journey have gone from the best week I’ve had, to the worst week I’ve had. 

The first week, I started off strong with a green smoothie every day for breakfast, healthy snack and healthy dinner Monday- Thursday.  I was pretty on-point with my nutrition - could maybe have worked in more salads, but need to leave room for improvement .  I had a lunch meeting Tuesday- Thursday and feel like I made okay decisions, and if my meals weren’t the healthiest, I made sure not to over-eat.  I also worked out 6 days!  I went on a great run around Brickell Key, it was so beautiful and made me want to keep going.  I was also working the stairs for killer cardio. My roommate's parents came into town and I was even able to maintain pretty good food choices and get a Sunday workout in.  By the end of the week, I was feeling great, starting to see results - maybe they were psychological, but I was really proud of how hard I worked!

Then I went to BDubs to watch the game on Sunday and because I had such a good week,  I thought, "What could some cheese wedges hurt?" It was all downhill from there!  Monday wasn’t horrible as far as what I ate, but I was helping a friend move so I was so tired and didn’t get a workout in.  The week turned into a fun company outing with food and beer,  dinner with a work friend I hadn’t seen in months ( ate Mexican and drank too many Margaritas!), all with no workouts!  By the time the weekend rolled around, I felt like the week was already such a waste, there was no turning back.  I did do a lot of physical things finishing up my friends move, but not the workout I know my body wanted.  It wanted cardio to get my heart pumping, and moving just makes you sweaty and sore. 

I try and take a lesson out of everything and so this past week reminded me how easy it is for me to get off track.  Complete "180" in 7 days.  Going from feeling so good, to looking back a week later wondering “what the heck did I do all week except work, eat and drink?”  What’s crazy is my bad week used to be my norm.  Which makes me realize how important this fitness journey is to help me make healthy decisions my norm. 

This is a journey and I feel healthier and more aware of my decisions.  Looking forward to starting off the week right and keeping the momentum going!