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Still No Alternative to Pizza - But Carrots Are My Friend!

Our first fitness journey assessment was the other day, and what a great day!  It’s the first time we’ve been together since the start of the journey and we are starting to look good!  It was really fun to hear what has been working for other people, take some from their experience, and grow in this together.  I didn’t lose that many actual pounds, but I did lose inches and body fat.  What a great feeling!  I left the assessment feeling so motivated.  I had been far from perfect before the first assessment (per my confession in my last blog) but to see actual results was amazing.  It made me realize that if I really dedicated myself and made more changes that I could really work my way into a healthy life style!   

Sam did lay a little smack down on my food choices.  Particularly my pretzel chips and pizza intake.  I’m happy to say my pretzel chip intake is no more!  Meet my new best friend: Carrot Chips.

It took a bit of experimenting between baby carrots, carrot sticks, but the crinkle cut chips were the winners.  Pizza, I have not found an alternative to yet.  I need to do some recipe searching, but until then... no pizza for me.   The week after the assessment was stressful at work, we were having an apartment warming party, and my evenings seemed to fill up too fast. 

I used to feel like "if I can’t do a full hard work out, oh well, I’ll just skip today", but now I know how important fitness is to being healthy. Now I look at it as even if I only did a 20 minute cardio video in my living room, it was still better than nothing.

I made it through the week and our party with not too many healthy setbacks (too much cheese and wine, but no fried food).  Last Sunday I sat down to write down my goals for the week because I find when I write them down, I am more successful.  I also have to think 7 days at a time.  My schedule is all over the place, but if I can focus on the week ahead it seems less overwhelming and with a plan I usually do pretty well.  I’m happy to say I did very good with my goals last week!   I drank hot water and lemon each morning (to Alkalize), reduced my evening wine intake (need to get out of my wino status) and stepped up my exercise (the new work out that Sam gave us is tough!)  There were definitely times that I wanted to bust out a bottle of wine and order a pizza, but I made it through.  In the past few days for the first time I’ve been starting to feel slimmer and my friends have noticed too.  It’s been a long time since I’ve stuck to a fitness/diet routine long enough to see results.  That only motivates me more to try harder and keep going so the results keep coming.  

My upcoming visit to my family will bring its own challenges.  I gave my mom a shopping list and have already challenged my dad to a tennis show down - I’ve got my EleVen gear packed and ready to go!