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Nachos Do a Body Good?

I started my week as I ended the previous week, by starting my day with the water, pink sea-salt and lemon tea.  I made me another Vee’s Monster protein shake.  I went to visit my cousin in Atlanta , we went out and  I did good….at first. I didn’t order the “french fries”, however, my other weakness, NACHOS, winked at me and called my name. I was suckered in!  See I didn’t think “nachos” was ALL THAT unhealthy.  I mean, it does have lettuce, tomatoes, black beans, corn tortilla chips, the sour cream is in the food group, by-way of the milk it has in you.  As they say, “milk does a body good”! Ok, and then there was the smothered cheese.  Again, I tricked myself into thinking that the cheese is part of the food group, so, nachos is healthy, right?!  Yeah, ok, I admit, lame excuse.  HOWEVER, I didn’t eat the entire plate (thank God!).  I had two other people to share it with and ONLY had ½ a glass of margarita.  For the rest of the evening, after feeling guilty, it was easy for me to say no to any further drinks!

My cousin introduced me to some new YouTube workout clips and we focused on abs and the legs.  50 minutes of cardio, I was feeling good.  Another salad and it was time to head to the airport!  OH LAWD, here we go!  I was actually proud of myself as I walked past all of the fast food places, even with the smell of “french fries” in the air.  But, those damn nachos called me.  I had another bowl.  Then figured if I walked around the airport until it was time to go I could walk off some of those calories.

Let week 3 begin!