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Chores Are My Workout

Syreeta Talbert

Posted on October 08 2013

Monday was back to the rig-a-roe of things!!  Definitely feeling overwhelmed.  Took my niece to school and went straight to the gym.  Did 30 minutes on the treadmill at a RAPID walking speed of 3.4, with an incline of 3.  The booty and legs definitely felt it.  Had a salad, nothing spectacular and even paced myself thru the day with some almonds and plums as my in-between.

So Tuesday, my intention was to get up and go to the health club, but then, I seen ants in my kitchen and it became a day battle of wits.  I ended up cleaning out allllll my cabinets, bleaching and wiping down walls.  Caulking around windows, cabinets and doors.  Thus, when I took a break from the battle, I had to go into my office and get some work done since I was gone the previous week.  I did manage to get in over 7500 steps and ended up cleaning/clearing out my basement.  So in turn, I did quite a few squats, some “mild” forms of burpees and plenty of “stair climbing”.  Food wise, POOR…my son, being “nice” and forgetting my journey (since it’s not his) brought me a cheese pizza puff and crispy……fries.  HOWEVER, I did have over 64oz of water and 5 cups of straight Black tea.  I started and ended my day with the pink sea-salt tea.

I lost the momentum for “working out" the rest of the week.  Though I did sport my EleVen fitness gear.  I dis get my spring cleaning together, which when I hit the bed at night, I was BOMB…DOT…COM tired!! 

Don’t fret. I DID get my workout on via cutting the grass and I have a NICE size yard.  I trimmed my bushes, pulled weeds, laid down mulch, cleaned my windows, window seals, and started to take out my summer stuff and put back my winter stuff.  So I stayed very busy.  This was all done between, taking my son to a scholars breakfast, preparing and seeing him off to prom, planning his sisters surprise graduation with her mother, and attending my twin nieces their old sister’s combo-birthday!  I’m telling you, it was on event-filled weekend.

I tried my best to stick with eating healthy, but my goodness, honestly, it’s not as easy as one would think!  My intensions at the BEGINNING of the day ALWAYS started off on track and focused.  Next week, I’m going to take my time to really concentrate on balancing both eating healthy and scheduling getting a more cardio workout on.

Signing off…..XoX~