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Finishing Makes All the Difference

Syreeta Talbert

Posted on October 21 2015

This week wasn’t too bad!! I created a schedule and stuck to it, awarding myself a “cheat” day on Saturday, though I may change it to Sundays.

The previous few weeks, I’ve struggled, trying to find a happy medium balance between eating right and getting in exercising, all the while keeping up with my *normal* life day-to-day! And it hasn’t been easy. One week, I’m doing good and focusing on exercising and then the following week, it changes and I’m committed to a quite a few good workouts. But the balance, I wasn’t able to get.

Until this week....sort of. I REALLY buckled down and committed myself to find a “happy balance”, and I did. Like a person going thru AA, I just took it ONE MINUTE, ONE HOUR, ONE DAY at a time. I felt good. I felt accomplished. And as God always, gives us a little motivation, mine came from attending the season finale of Extreme Makeover – Weight-loss edition and OMG, the I seen the before and in person, the AFTER of a young lady who committed herself to a one year healthy living journey. Of course, my mouth was on the floor. Here was someone who weighed in at 327lbs, and one year later, stepped on the scale at 168. A total weight loss of 159 lbs. LORD knows, I’m not that big, nor need to lose that extreme amount of weight; however, her determination became my motivation! I can do it!!

Listening to her, right there in front of me, her biggest challenge was “finishing”. No matter how small the reps, she finished. No matter, if it was just one minute of something, she finished. Whatever “comfortable” goal she set, she sought to complete it, and worked her way up from there. DING DONG!!

While I’ve been trying to do all the exercises Sam sent to us, I would be doing them sloppy. The crazy thing is, when I started this week off, I had already decided that I would complete the first group of
exercises first before moving on and including the send set of exercises. When I did this, I was able to focus, perform them as they should be done and I felt that sense of accomplishments. At first I thought I would be behind the other ladies or wouldn’t add up, however, when I heard the young ladies advice, I it was just more confirmation that I was FINALLY getting mentally in tuned with genuinely being committed to this Eleven Fitness Journey.

Signing off.....XoX~