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Top Tips to Get Glowing!

Everyone wants that lit-from-within glow that is the hallmark of health. It can be achieved through healthy lifestyle habits that when practiced routinely.

The following ten tips are hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle. The more that you can incorporate them into your daily life the better you will look and feel!  If it feels overwhelming, start with one tip a day, follow for a week, and then move onto the next.

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01: Drink More Water

There is no glow without hydration. The simplest way to get your system functioning properly is to drink a LOT of water.  It flushes toxins and improves your metabolism, digestion and skin. Most of the time when you are hungry your body is actually thirsty. And not having enough water can also make you bloated. When you don’t drink enough, your body is forced to hang on to the water it currently holds, leaving you feeling puffy. 

ACTION ITEM: Aim for 2 liters a day to stay hydrated and keep your body performing at their best.  You need it! 

02: Rethink your Plate

Center your meals around vegetables, especially greens. Trouble digesting veggies? Steam them to help break them down for the best digestion. And to improve your digestion and quicken the breakdown of foods, have a digestive enzyme with each meal to help your body digest the food and prevent buildup in your system. 

ACTION ITEM: Make vegetables 3/4 of your plate and protein your side-dish.

03: Eat Fat

We used to think eating fat would make us fat. Now we know we need healthy fats in our diet for healthy hair, skin, nails and, brain function. Plus, it keeps us full and satisfied.  Two great ones - avocados and coconut oil. Avocados are nature’s moisturizer, supplying us with healthy fats acids and phytonutrients. Add them to your smoothie for a rich texture you won’t taste. Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides to help produce quick fuel. Other healthy fats to include in your diet: nuts, seeds, rich fish like salmon and mackerel, and other healthy oils like olive oil. 

ACTION ITEM: Add healthy fats to your diet. Doing so will actually help you feel full/ more satiated. It’s true, try it! 

04: Probiotics

Probiotics can help with everything from digestion to clearing up skin. The best source is from foods. Two great ones are kefir – yogurt’s more potent, probiotic-filled counterpart and sauerkraut.  Probiotics also aid digestion. Researchers believe that when the microflora in your intestines aren’t balanced, health problems can come up (and bloating and indigestion).

ACTION ITEM: You can buy kefir drinks and coconut kefir water at health food stores. For sauerkraut look for one that’s refrigerated and ideally raw. Not into the taste? Make sure you are taking a broad-spectrum probiotic once-daily.

05: Eat Clean

Eating “mock-healthy products” is a major issue today. With the proliferation of gluten-free foods, and “healthified” snacks people assume they are eating healthy. The truth is these items are still processed. Think of it this way: anything made in a factory or put in a package is processed. These items should be seen as the occasional treat. Make sure to look at the package serving size to be sure you are eating the recommended amount too, as looks can be deceiving. 

ACTION ITEM: Aim to eliminate processed foods. It’s that simple. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Read labels: Aim for no more than 7 grams of sugar per serving and no more than 8 ingredients (and make sure you can pronounce them).

06: Reduce or Eliminate Sugar

Fat doesn’t make us fat, sugar does. Sugar is also one of the most addictive substances out there. Start slow in curbing sugar, so it can become a healthy habit. When you do so, you will see your skin start to clear up and your energy levels skyrocket.

ACTION ITEM: Use stevia or monk fruit in place of sugar. Now available in dropper bottles, and in fun flavors, stevia or monk fruit is your best option for sweetening foods and drinks. Many bar chocolates are now available sugar free. Look for 70-80% cacao content. One small square should curb your sweet craving! r reach for a date. Stuff it with almond butter (or coconut butter) for extra yum.

07: Try Dairy & Gluten Free

Studies also show both dairy and wheat lead to increased inflammation in the body. The sugar in milk  (lactose) is tough for the body to digest and can make you feel full, bloated and gassy if you’re the least bit intolerant.  Wheat too isn’t an easy food for the body to digest. Refined, white carbohydrates also spike your insulin levels and trigger increased fat storage in your midsection. 

ACTION ITEM: There are so many alternatives to dairy on the market today, try them to see what you like best. For gluten-free alternatives start with a sprouted bread like Essekiel, which has so many health benefits and is easy to digest. Eventually, you can eliminate bread,  using paleo wraps (made with coconut meat), seaweed or just lettuce, as sandwich alternatives.

08: Add Green Juice

Full of minerals, chlorophyll, and antioxidants, fresh green juice is like a powerful multivitamin. The nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream and reach skin cells quickly. Drinking green juice is her number one skin fix to get clean, clear, glowing skin. It’s a great replacement for afternoon coffee. It also helps oxygenate the skin and stimulates lymphatic drainage so it’s de-puffing.

ACTION ITEM: Add a green juice to your daily routine. Focus on a green juice that is mainly greens with low-sugar additions like lemon and ginger. Avoid those high in fruit (to avoid the extra sugar). 

08: Be Fruit Conscious

Fruits like apples, bananas, cherries, peaches, and pears, contain a sugar called fructose, which is difficult for many to digest. While one apple or banana may be fine, if you end up consuming more fructose than your body can digest, it’s broken down by fermentation, which unfortunately causes bloating and gas in the large intestine.  

ACTION ITEM: Aim for high fiber fruits and eat fruits alone. They digest best on an empty stomach.

10: Sweat

A good sweat session will do your body good. Sweating improves skin, burns calories, removes toxins, relieves pain, reduces stress and fatigue, and strengthens immune system.  Yoga happens to be an incredibly detoxifying workout as twists support digestion and help to rid your body of toxins. Remember, some activity is always better than none. 

ACTION ITEM: Sweat to get “The Glow”. And if possible go for an infrared session. In addition to staying fit and the hosts of benefits that go along with that, the increased circulation from sweating brings oxygen to the skin surface, promoting healthy, glowing skin,

IN CONCLUSION, eat more fat and less empty carbs and sugar. Make sure you are getting more nutrients, more fat and fresh foods into that beautiful body.  All of the above are guaranteed to help you GET GLOWING!

Written by: Heather Ertel

written by Tunde Oyeneyin
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