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Fabrics Fit For Tennis Players

Fabrics Fit For Tennis Players

Whether you’re on the courts rallying with your BFFs, or hiking on a trail, you need the right fabrics to wick-away that sweat and UPF50 fabrics to give you that extra sun protection your skin deserves!


So How Do You Stay Cool You Ask? 

Do your research! Find brands that sell clothing with innovative light-weight fabrics that are breathable with sweat-wicking and UPF50 protection. Not every fabric is created equal when it comes to sun protection and keep in dry and cool.


Innovative technologies do not just exist digitally but tangibly in our clothing as well. You now have options to choose from tons of fabrics that will protect you from the sun and help keep you cool. We can all agree that we go into our closets to look for lightweight options to beat the heat during the summer. 


Ensure your garments are labeled ‘moisture-wicking’ before buying. The wicking technology causes the sweat to move away from your skin and get absorbed into the fabric’s layers. So, you stay dry and cool while the fabric does all the work to keep you healthy. 



You can keep cool, while doing good too. Try out trending REPREVE fabrics which are not only breathable, but fully sustainable. They are the leading recycled fiber, so you can shop a feel good about your impact on mother-nature.


At EleVen, we believe in being the best on the court, off the court, and in life. That’s why we strive to provide you with only the best fabrics, after all, your skin is your largest organ – so keep it dry & let it breathe!


Here’s What We Bring To The Table!


Repreve™: The world’s leading recycled fiber fit to perform, is extremely durable with adaptive warming and cooling properties. The fabric is sustainable, light weight, breathable and moisture wicking.

Shop Repreve™

Breathable: Fabric that has superior breathability leaving you cooler for longer.

Shop Breathable

UPF50 Sun Protection: Blocks up to 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays, keeping you safe from the sun this summer. 

Shop Ozone (UPF50)

Moisture-wicking: A technology that moves sweat to the fabrics outer surface with quick-dry capabilities leaving you comfortable and dry.

Shop Moisture-Wicking

We are also providing some new innovative technologies that are coming soon. 

Vaportex: High tech wicking technology that keeps you dryer for longer

Anti-Microbial: Helps to keep the garment last longer, and combative of soils and stains

Venus’s Favorite Styles to Beat the Heat:

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