#PrivilegeTax Story: Katrina Pilkington - EleVen by Venus Williams

#PrivilegeTax Story: Katrina Pilkington

Katrina Pilkington

Katrina Pilkington
Wellness Educator & Equity / Inclusion Advocate
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Q. I believe you must constantly be in pursuit of your best self. How have you prioritized doing so over the past year with the world being in a state of constant chaos?

There has definitely been a decreased sense of space since the world shifted in 2020. I quickly realized that I had to bring my best by making time to BE my best for the rest of my family and those that I aim to serve. To do so, I had to prioritize myself when it came to workouts or meal time or decompression time – periodt.

Q. Where did you first discover that women were paid less than men?

My husband and I used to work for the same company. In confidence, we would share our discussions about performance reviews and I quickly learned that I wasn’t being paid comparably. (It hasn’t been until that company acquired a female CEO that this has now seemed to change.) Discussions with colleagues has also lead me to see that there are disparities between pay opportunities with genders and also gender identities.

Q. Tell me about one woman in your life whose impact you admire most?

This is a tough one. I grew up without very many mentors or strong woman figures, to be honest. I suppose that my biggest inspirations have been the friends and family I choose to surround myself with. Seeing many women accept a less-than position in my world, I tended to gravitate towards those who possessed a persona that was the very opposite. Thus, I have become the same.

Q. Any advice for women that want to advocate for pay equity?

Know your WORTH and don’t allow imposter syndrome to tell you any different. Experience surpasses education, many times. Your value is invaluable and can’t be given a price. What you bring to any table is full and authentic. Advocate for your value you will bring to the table and know that all humans deserve to be paid in a fair manner.

    Q. What one piece of advice would you give your 13 year old self?

    Put on the blinders to avoid allowing distractions of negativity to sway you from your path. Surround yourself with others who believe in you and who uplift you. Never compare yourself to anyone else.

    Q. What’s your go-to resource recommendation for learning about business and/ or leadership?

    Having an amazing therapist in your corner is paramount. I follow many strong Black women on my social channels to ensure I’m being influenced by regal strength. Becoming by Michelle Obama is one of my favorites along with More than Enough  by Elaine Welteroth.

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