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#PrivilegeTax Story: Ann Kletz

 Ann Kletz

Ann Kletz (LinkedIn)
CEO & Co-Founder, Goal Five
Goal Five (Goalfive.com)
@Goalfive (Instagram) // @goalfivesoccer (Twitter)

Q. I believe you must constantly be in pursuit of your best self. How have you prioritized doing so over the past year with the world being in a state of constant chaos?

I couldn't agree with this statement more.  I believe the past year has provided me, and all of us really, with an opportunity to take a good hard look at myself, our country and indeed our world.  For me personally, I have found this past year to be very humbling and it has brought me very squarely back and has centered me clearly around my values. As a leader I re-devoted myself to intense self-reflection, to making sure my behaviors match my values, and to making sure that I am showing up in service to and in support of my team.

Q. Where did you first discover that women were paid less than men?

My first year out of college, I returned to coach the women's soccer team at my alma mater, Berkeley High School in Berkeley, CA, because when I attended, they had a hard time finding people to fill the women's coaching position.  A couple of years, in fact, I was on the verge of having to try out for the boys' team, because they had not hired a women's coach. One day, while coaching, I found out that the boys coach was being paid more than I was.  I had to march down to City Hall, with a letter I drafted citing Title IX, and advocate for my own equal pay.  Happily, in the end they increased my pay so that it was the same as the boys' coach.

Q. Tell me about one woman in your life whose impact you admire most?

Julie Foudy, women's soccer legend, has inspired me again and again.  She has championed gender equity in sport for decades, as a player, as President of the Women's Sports Foundation (where she advocated for Title IX in Washington, D.C.), as a leader of her Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy (where she has literally impacted thousands of girls' lives to the point that most of them say that she has changed their lives), and most recently as the producer and moderator of her increasingly popular podcast, Laughter Permitted.  Julie is the kind of person who inspires and impacts everyone she comes in contact with.  She's my She-ro:)

Q. Any advice for women that want to advocate for pay equity?

Be aware of a law that is now currently in place in several states (and still use it if your state has not passed this law) that protects women and minorities from receiving offers from employers that low ball them.  Essentially, it is illegal for a prospect employer (when interviewing you) to ask you what your current salary is.  They can ask you what your salary requirement is, however. If you tell them what your current salary is, and it is below market rate, they will likely start your salary negotiation there (at that lower range), than at the actual market rate.

Q. What one piece of advice would you give your 13 year old self?

Don't be so concerned about what other people think about you.

Q. What’s your go-to resource recommendation for learning about business and/ or leadership?

Two books: "Take the Lead" by Betsy Myers, and "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" by Ben Horowitz.



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