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Why Is Investing So Powerful?

At Team EleVen we're big advocates for female financial empowerment and we want to empower you to take action with your money. So we reached out to Ellevest, a financial company built by women, for women and who are on a mission to help women build wealth. 

Ellevest is the perfect destination for beginning investors interested in learning more about financial empowerment and for those looking for help in understanding how to reach their financial goals. They offer free educational resources on a variety of topics and services in budgeting, investment, money coaching and private wealth management.

Sallie Krawcheck, Ellevest CEO shares why you should start investing towards your personal goals .


Money is power and investing can help us increase that power. Investing for impact can help us use that power.” - Sallie Krawcheck the CEO of Ellevest


Want to take first step or interested in learning more?

Connect with the team at Ellevest here and learn about their membership options here

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