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How to | Soul Searching

  • pen and paper
  • 20-30 minutes to focus on this and get the best out of the exercise

Take your time while answering each question and be honest with yourself. The more details you write down, the clearer your goals will be.

Let’s get started, take a comfortable seat, and write your answers down. Examples will be given for each question; however, this is a personal exercise, and you might not have the same answers.


As this is a personal exercise this is no right or wrong answers, to help as a thought starter we have included some examples for your reference with the question numbers listed to each example response;

Example for a working professional HERE

Example for a College Senior/Student HERE


Question 1: What motivates you? Examples: ability to learn, security, money (honesty is key here), traveling, getting out of debt, time for myself etc.

Question 2: What demotivates you? Examples: dishonesty, lies, hypocrisy, lack of recognition, taxes, social media, etc.

With this question you will be able to assess what you have the ability to change and what is out of your control.

Question 3: What can you control in each previous answer? Example of what I can control: ability to learn, travel, get out of debt, time for myself. What I cannot control: dishonesty, lies, hypocrisy, lack of recognition, taxes, social media

You will notice that what you cannot control will most likely be your demotivators. What is necessary to note is that you can control how you react to them.

Question 4: What are your 6 months, 1 year, 5 year goals?

Each period will have its own list. These goals need to be achievable, realistic, and simply worded.

Think about these while answering:

  • where will you be?
  • what will you be doing?
  • what do you want to have accomplished?
  • what do you want done by then?

These can also evolve with time, having clear goals can help with your motivation.

The following question might require research depending on what your goals are. That is okay, remember that the more you know the better you’ll be suited to reach your goals.

Question 5: What actions do you need to take? Also known as the mini goals to achieve your larger goals.

Think about what knowledge you would need, who can help you, what are the limitations if any and how are you going to pass them?


Question 6: How long will it take to achieve each action?

This will help you in keeping yourself accountable. How long will it take to accomplish the mini goals? 2 weeks or maybe more?

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