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Demanding The Best For You in 2023

How are you demanding the best for yourself in 2023?

I wear a lot of hats, professional athlete, entrepreneur, aunt and big sister to name a few. All these parts of my life give me so much to look forward to but also a lot to work toward to bring my best to all these areas.  

I am just one of countless women who wear many hats in their lives. For me, the key to wearing those hats well has been and always will be demanding excellence from myself and those whom I partner with both personally and professionally.  In fact, that is the crux of Elevens’ mission, the pursuit of best self.  That truly can only be achieved by demanding that excellence from yourself and those around you. In fact, one of my rules to live by for both business and in life is that you are who you surround yourself with! 

This year, as I ask myself what I want to achieve, I also want to reach out to the greater EleVen community to ask the same.  

What are you looking forward to in 2023?  

How do you plan on pursuing your best self?  

How does self-care fit into that routine?  

True self care is not all about meditation and aroma therapy. It’s about manifestation, making the choice to build a life you don’t regularly need to escape from. This means first and foremost taking care of our physical and mental health. Through this we can grow and thrive and have more to give to ourselves and our communities. 

I find the one part of self-care that is overlooked is the health of our relationships. When our relationships suffer, so does our peace of mind, making self-care harder to achieve. It is vital that we maintain healthy relationships in our workplace, with our family, with our partners,  and most importantly in our relationship with ourselves.  As this year is upon us, I have been spending my time thinking about who I am, my unique value and how my overall picture of self-care  helps me pursue my best self.  

I’m just obsessed with fashion and wellness. It has been my dream come true to combine both passions into EleVen. We must make good choices for our health and well-being to live our dreams. Working towards our dreams is what gives life meaning and I am looking forward to providing the gear and the know how from my own personal experiences to help every single EleVen woman do that on the daily.  We’ve got so much coming for you this year!  

Please connect with us on social @elevenbyvenus, join our email community and check out our blog for content on all topics of self care and heath and wellness. 

You are your best advocate. Keep your standards for your career, heath, wealth, friends and lovers high. You deserve it! 2023 is going to be great, show up, and make sure the ones you show up with are excellent too!   



Venus xo


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