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A Letter from Venus

Looking ahead to 2020. A look into what I am bringing into this new year. 

Every year, like clockwork, I pull out my pen and pad and start to jot down my goals. This year, I felt some special inspiration. As the saying goes, “there’s much more joy in giving than receiving”. So, I’ve concluded that it’s equally as important to focus what I’m bringing to the new year, as what I wanted to get out of it.

So… here’s what I’m bringing to 2020!


First. NO FEAR.

I can see more clearly than ever that there is no need to be afraid. Knowing that the best part of life is the battle, I’m taking my lessons of 2019 with me and I am bringing no fear to 2020.

Let me say it again, the fear is not welcome!

Letting that fear drop has led me directly to excitement about what I can achieve and the joy that will along with it.  


Next up ... Gratitude

There are too many things I take for granted - like getting to do what I love, enjoying good health, or simply being happy.

I pledge to wake up everyday and be grateful for what I have and to not take anything for granted. This promise has opened my eyes, bringing genuine newfound joy to each endeavor.


Can’t forget about the Attitude

It rhymes with gratitude, but it’s just a whole lot bolder. I have insisted upon myself that I MUST bring even more passion and belief to everything I do.

The attitude is in the execution.

Whether it’s bold and unwavering play on the court, or decisiveness and confidence in business, I am planning on bringing my very best, all day, every day.


To close, A TOAST! 🥂

Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Cava, Prosecco - if it’s got bubbles, I’m bringing it! 2020 will be a year of celebration!

Let’s do this team – remember, there’s power in this community. Hold yourself accountable.

What are you bringing to the new year?

Share your commitment on Instagram and tag us @elevenbyvenus with #teamvenus & bring it on 2020!



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