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Why You Should Go for a Run Today

Springtime is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the great weather.  Especially after the winter, it feels great to get outside and be active.


Whether you choose to bike, hike or even play tennis, whichever activity you decide to do, by exercising outdoors you will enjoy the benefits of the sunshine’s vitamin D, which has been shown to help with strengthening your bones, improving your mood and supporting your immune system. Ready to get outdoors and enjoy a great workout? Consider going for a good old-fashioned run.


Here are a few of the reasons why running can be beneficial for women’s health.


Running burns a ton of calories. At a six-mile per hour pace, you can burn upwards of 557 calories per hour. Even if you don’t run that long, that’s a really high rate of calorie burning!


It’s a great way to reduce stress.  Exercise increases your body’s production of endorphins, which can help to improve your mood. It also can increase your self-confidence plus serve as a kind of moving meditation, according to Mayo Clinic.


Running can benefit your bones. According to Women’s Health, high-impact exercise like running supports bone mineral density. The magazine cites a study that showed that women between the ages of 25 and 50 who hopped at least 10 times twice a day were able to significantly increase their hip bone density.

You don’t need any fancy gear. Just lace up your sneakers, maybe bring along a pair of headphones so you can listen to music and you are ready to go! Of course, having a great running outfit can help you perform better and feel great about yourself while doing so.  I love wearing a pair of capris, like EleVen’s Agility Capri, or leggings, like the Core Starr Power Legging, along with a sports bra. Headbands are also great to keep my hair out of my face while I’m running. Whatever combination I choose, my EleVen outfit helps me feel ready to perform better than my best.


From calorie-burning to stress-relief or other benefits, what is the top reason you like to go for a run? Let me know!