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What I’m Wearing to Wimbledon

Brantley Gusler

Posted on June 28 2017

I’m fortunate to be able to play the sport I love for so many years, and it is amazing that it’s time for another Wimbledon. Each time I play The Championships is as unique and thrilling as though it were the first.


This year is no exception and I’ve been busy getting prepared. Part of getting my head in the game has to do with feeling my absolute best, which for me has always involved not only feeling my best but looking my best, too. I need clothes that make me feel amazing and that also deliver the level of performance I require as I compete in the world’s most important tournaments.


So what to wear to Wimbledon? This year, I’m going with my Club Collection. The clothes deliver the highest level of performance, and I love the crisp white color scheme, which is perfect for Wimbledon, where white is the dress code for players.

Here are my top Wimbledon picks:


-The Jammin Skirt is so much fun. With its fun ruffle, it has great style and flair and also is able to keep up with me in a competition.

-The Love Tank is another one of my top picks. It is so comfortable and flattering, too.


-Another great top option which I’ve packed for Wimbledon is the Iso Tank.  It’s a fun muscle tank which features a unique asymmetrical mesh neckline.


-A must-have for me is the Flutter Skirt, which performs so well in a competition, and looks amazing.  It’s the ultimate for comfort, coverage, style, and performance.


-I couldn’t forget my Raceday Tank, one of my favorite tank tops which has a sleek racer back along with a back pleat.


You don’t have to be headed to Wimbledon to look and feel better than your best in these styles! Whether you are heading to your local tennis court, gym or just running errands, I hope you will enjoy wearing these and other EleVen styles as much as I do.


  • Jim Cornelison: July 11, 2017

    Hello Venus. I’ve been . So now it is time to put together some words. My name is Jim Cornelison age. 86’ I love sports. And love to keep up with the William Sisters. Currently I am watching Wimbleton and I think you are doing great. Sorry Serena isn’t there but I know her heart is with you.. I’ll be glad to see her back on the court. I know because of what you and Serena are doing many black girls are getting interested in the game. It is a wonderful career. I am so glad to see all the black athletes get involved in Tennis. Do you know what happen to Stevens? I have a daughter who is athletic but she likes to run. She owns a couple of High School records, and she is fast. She is 52 yrs. old but still likes to keep up with Athletes.

  • Enid Agee: July 07, 2017

    I’m looking for active wear in size, XL. Can’t find anything in my size.
    Congratulations to Venus for her success at Wimbledon thus far! Looking forward to seeing Venus raise the championship trophy!

  • Ronathon: June 28, 2017

    You and I are the same age and I have been your biggest fan since reading about you in 6th grade in the Weekly Reader publication at school. To see someone my age with such strength and determination go after her dreams with such conviction, despite all that was stacked against you? Let’s just say you’ve been an incredible inspiration and I’m proud to be your fan. Your clothing line is just as amazing as you are, although I wish you’d at least try your hand in men’s wear (another animal I know, but I’d still like to be an Eleven too). My all time favorite dress, yours or anyone else’s, was the Wimbledon corset collaboration between you and Diane von Furstenberg. I’d love to see you compete in that again someday. Good luck at Wimbledon. I’ll be rooting for you!

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