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The Thika Collection

I’m having a wonderful time Down Under competing at the Australian Open. It is amazing to see the results of all my hard work in the off-season paying off on the court. I always feel like the hard work you put into training and preparing makes success even more meaningful. I’ve been challenged to play my best tennis here in Melbourne, and it’s been so rewarding to get through to the semifinals and advance in the competition.

I’ve always felt active wear was limited, and on the court, I struggled to find clothing that had both the style and level of performance I wanted and needed.  So, with my passion for entrepreneurship — something instilled in me by my dad at a young age — and armed with my degree in fashion, EleVen was born.

Each season, the EleVen team and I continue to innovate new styles and designs, all with the purpose of helping our customers to exceed their goals and be better than their best.

This season, we have launched the Thika collection. I am especially proud of this new collection. It represents the continued evolution of the brand.

The Thika collection features EleVen’s unique combination of bold prints, inspiring designs, and exceptional fabrics.  The collection’s Competitor Dress, Love Tank, Agility Capri, Flutter Skirt, Middle Vee Legging and accessories such as the EleVen Berry Headband and Oh & Oh Dufflebag come in an array of amazing vibrant colors. The color choices include a bold Limelight, a deep jewel-tone Purple, a rich shade of Blue Nights, crisp White, and our unique Thika print.  Some people say the Thika print, which has all these beautiful shades combined into one distinctive print, reminds them of a sunset or tropical skies. 

Just the other day at the Round 2 of the Australian Open, I wore my Competitor Dress from the Thika Collection. It’s an A-line fit dress with contrast waist insert, and I wore it in the signature Thika print. I loved how I looked and felt — and how I played!

This is what EleVen is all about — looking, feeling and performing even better than your best, and continuing to achieve new heights, surpassing your goals and going further than you imagined was possible.

Check out our Thika Collection, and I know you will love it as much as I do.