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The Inspirations Behind One of My Favorite Dresses.

It’s almost July 4th and one of the biggest movies in theaters is Wonder Woman. What do these two things have in common? These two things just so happen to be the main inspirations behind one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever designed for EleVen, the Banner Dress.

I designed the Banner Dress, also known as the Wonder Dress, to wear at the Olympics. The Banner Dress is a cap-sleeved dress featuring a bold color-blocked red, white and blue design. It has a shelf bra and provides maximum protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays. It’s easy to wear, stylish and flattering but also high-performance.


Whenever I sit down to draw a new design for EleVen, I look inside for inspiration. These inspirations have to be authentic to me in order for me to feel truly passionate about the design. When reflecting on the best inspirations for my 2016 Olympic dress, the two main things that came to my mind were patriotism and Wonder Woman.


Of course, with its red, white and blue color scheme, the Banner Dress was inspired by the patriotism I feel when I represent America as part of Team USA.  The other inspiration for the pattern for this Olympic dress is Wonder Woman because that is how I want to feel when I’m at the Olympics, like I can make anything happen. Even before the amazing summer movie hit the big screen, I have always been inspired by the iconic character, Wonder Woman. After all, feeling strong, powerful and feminine — three qualities Wonder Woman represents — is always part of the guiding philosophy behind all my designs for EleVen.