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Show Off Your EleVen Style on Court

No matter what sport you are playing, or even if you’re just living your active daily life, EleVen is all about looking and feeling your best. From cross-training to running to just running your daily errands, EleVen is designed to help you go beyond your limits, all while feeling and looking great.  While EleVen is made for all your pursuits, of course, there’s no better place to show off EleVen style than on the tennis court!

From Charleston to Miami to Australia, I love showing off my EleVen style on the courts of tennis tournaments around the world. Wherever I travel for competition, I always stash plenty of EleVen outfit options in my suitcase.


Here are some of my favorite recommendations for showing off your EleVen style on the court:


The Love Tank & the Flutter Skirt

The Love Tank is such a classic!  It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns and features a very flattering V-neck.

I suggest pairing it with the Flutter Skirt, which has pleats and compression shorts, for a perfect on-the-court pair.


The Race Day Tank & Fly Skirt

With its scooped neck style and crisp white color, the Race Day Tank definitely keeps you cool on the court. It pairs perfectly with the Fly Skirt, a cool and comfy skirt which even features pockets. The skirt comes in lots of colors, so pick your favorite hue and show off your style.


Third & Short & Condition Tee

I love the sporty Third and Short. These come in a variety of options, and I especially love the Datura print. This unique floral print makes these shorts the perfect mix of sporty and feminine. The shorts look great with the Condition Tee. This tee is a classic, with a twist — a basic short sleeve crew neck top, it features cute mesh detail which takes it to the next level of style.


These are some of my favorite EleVen combos for showing off your style on the court. Share with us some of your favorite EleVen looks — and we’d love to see a photo of your looks in action on the court!