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Posted on September 20 2016


It’s been less than a week since Sunday’s loss yet I can’t help but continue to smile. The energy and excitement of the crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium was beyond anything I had ever expected or imagined. As a professional athlete, I always strive to push myself beyond all limits and be better than ten. My parents taught me to play the game the right way; to give it my all and to respect my opponents. Having the crowd recognize that effort is the icing on the cake!


One of the slogans we use here at EleVen is #LookGoodPlayWell.  I absolutely LOVED how the Chela dress looked and felt on my body throughout the US Open. It just added that extra layer of confidence because as all of you ladies know, no matter if you’re going to the gym, to brunch or even the movies, we want to look good EVERY time we step out that door!


My team at EleVen told me how the phones were ringing off the hook and emails were flooding their inboxes with orders and comments about the Prism collection which made me feel great! I wish I had the time to respond to every comment and every tweet because they motivate me to become a BETTER designer! These were just a few tweets that left a mark.


Now it’s time for a workout #neverquit #beanEleVen



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