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Inspiration behind Intrepid

The word, “intrepid,” means fearless and adventurous, and I can’t think of a better name for my new Spring collection.  My inspiration for this collection was bringing energy to your workout. I wanted the collection to make you feel intrepid when you put it on — bold, fearless, energized and ready to take your workout to the next level. The Intrepid Collection was designed to help serve as your motivation to start moving your body, taking care of yourself and making healthy choices.


Featuring tank tops, tennis skirts, capris, sports bras, accessories and more, the new Intrepid Collection just debuted online. With bold colors like bright yellow, the centerpiece of the collection is my new “Intrepid” print, which has a unique swirling black-and-white geometric design.


In addition to the energizing pattern, the collection also focuses on performance, fit and function. The clothes have UV-ray protection, which make them great for outdoors. At EleVen, my team and I also work hard to ensure that all of our garments, including our bras, are made to fit every woman and every body type.


While I love each and every piece in the Intrepid Collection, here are a few of my personal top favorites:


  • The Harmony Tank - This beautiful flowing tank top is so easy-breezy and breathable. It’s super comfy and keeps you cool while working out.
  • The Intrepid Agility Capri - Featuring a mesh-leg insert, these gorgeous form-fitting capris are so sleek and streamlined, making them great for all kinds of workouts.
  • The Power Play Sports Bra - This stylish high-performance sports bra has the perfect fit!
  • The Intrepid Jammin’ Skirt - I love this color-blocked skirt, it’s so much fun to wear!


Whatever goals you have, from fitness to business to all areas of your life, I have found that fearlessness, adventurousness and an intrepid spirit are some of the key ingredients to achieving success. One of the reasons I wanted to create my own fashion line is because I am passionate about the power of clothing — when we love what we are wearing, it can help us express ourselves, feel our best, and perform at even higher levels than ever before.  I designed my new Intrepid Collection, and all my collections, with all this in mind.


What are some areas of your life where you looking to be more Intrepid? Let me know! And whatever your goals, continue to believe in your own power to be better than your personal best!