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Greetings from the Miami Open

Tennis tournaments take me all around the world, but there is truly no place like home, and it is so much fun to be competing this week right in my backyard! 


I’m thrilled to be competing this week at the Miami Open. Located in Key Biscayne, Florida, the Miami Open takes place not far from where I live and work, and where EleVen is headquartered. 


I love South Florida, it’s home, and on the court this week I have been feeling better than my best.  That includes feeling like I look my best, too, thanks to the great pieces from EleVen’s newest Spring collections, which I’ve picked out to wear in this competition.


Maybe you saw me on the court this week wearing my Intrepid visor - which is perfect for the Miami sun - along with my Jammin Skirt, a fun printed skirt with compression shorts which features my unique Intrepid print. I paired the skirt with one of my very favorite items, the Excel Tank, which I wore in the bold, bright EleVen Berry color.


My inspiration for the Intrepid collection was bringing energy to your workout, and I felt like my clothes brought energy to my game this week. I felt - and performed - like a winner!


I’ve also selected several items to wear from my brand-new Datura collection. I especially love the Datura In Bloom Dress, which features the collection’s gorgeous signature floral print.  I think the Datura print is both feminine and powerful plus unique. It’s so pretty and perfect for Spring! 


And how pretty is the Datura Finish Line Jacket? The floral pattern on this full-zip jacket is just so beautiful, and it’s also high-performance. I love it, and it’s also on my list of pieces I might wear when I continue hitting the court this week at the Miami Open. I have several other options picked out for possible on-court competitive attire. For example, the Intrepid Glide Back Tank is another piece that is on my list.


No matter which outfits I choose from EleVen’s new Intrepid and Datura collections, I know I’ll continue to look and feel better than my best, all while competing right here in my hometown.