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Gear Up For The Fall With Casablanca

Venus Williams

Posted on October 07 2016



Fall is finally here and that means the OFFICIAL launch of Casablanca! For those of you tennis fans watching me play in Asia this may be “old” news to you (that’s what a 12-hour time difference does, but MAJOR kudos if you are giving up your sleep to watch me play overseas). However for most of you, just wait till you see the latest collection to join the EleVen family! We added some pops of color with reds and blues to further wake up the holiday season and I ADORE it! I actually considered wearing the Love Letter Dress on my trip into Asia but ultimately decided to surprise my fans and wear it on-court at the Prudential Hong Kong Open. Instead for my flight, I opted for the Diary Tee which feels SO good! If you don’t own it, buy it. This WILL be your “go to” shirt!


When I think of Fall, I think of the leaves changing, invigorating weather (the Love Jacket  is perfect for this), crisp red apples, a fresh start (back-to-school), relaxing weekends and being comfy while stretching out on the couch watching Sunday Football! GO Dolphins! Speaking of comfort, just try the Cooldown Pant, you WON’T want to take it off! Yes, you will bring out the sweater, jeans and boots combo for September, October and November, but keep EleVen by Venus in mind with our many options.


If you are looking to jumpstart your Fall fashion, then Casablanca is the perfect match. As Rick Blaine (played by one of my favorites, Humphrey Bogart), said in the movie Casablanca (yes my inspiration comes from a variety of places);  “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


Happy Fall everyone! We are EleVen: Be Inspired! 


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