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Feel Confident and Show Off Those Legs!



Third and Short. No I’m not talking about the Dolphins (although did you happen to see that great win on Sunday?), I am talking about one of my FAVORITE pieces in the EleVen by Venus Collection.


As you ladies know, finding a good pair of shorts is a very tough task. I feel that shopping for shorts is like shopping for jeans, I leave the store asking the same question every single time; “does anything actually fit me?” but before you go running for the hills; you NEED to try the Third and Short.


I know what you’re thinking, “C’mon Venus, I would rather just throw on your Vee Capri or your Chakra Legging and know that I will look good” but take a chance and show off those legs!!


The mission of the Third and Short was to design a cute short with versatility to feature our fashion colors and prints. You can wear them to play tennis, when riding a bike or preparing for a long run. No matter your level of activity, the fabric moisture wicking will keep you dry and comfortable. I personally love the hidden inner pocket which will let you hide your credit card, some money and your house key.


But the best part? These aren’t just for working out. You can wear them out for brunch or to the mall (have you ever experienced this Florida heat?!) and feel GOOD about it.


Believe me, I have been right there with you. Sometimes my legs can make me feel super tall and I can be self-conscious when I wear shorts, but there is something different about these. They fit just right!


We may be halfway through the month of October but having a great fitting short is a NECESSITY in any woman’s wardrobe and you can’t go wrong with the Third and Short