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Fact vs. Fiction: Four Fitness Myths Revealed

Brantley Gusler

Posted on February 14 2017

Could fitness myths be holding you back from achieving your fitness goals?

There are also quite a few misconceptions out there, which are often repeated but not necessarily accurate - or empowering.

Here is the truth behind four fitness myths:

Myth 1. Running is bad for your knees.

Study after study has proven this old myth untrue. In fact, one recent study from Brigham Young University found that running appears to reduce inflammation in the knee joint. The authors of the study even say that running may protect knees down the road, and help prevent diseases like osteoarthritis. In fact, most studies have shown that running or jogging does not increase the likelihood of knee issues, which appear to be genetic. The important thing, in this case, is to listen to your body. If running, or any other activity, is hurting your body, then give it some rest. If it keeps hurting, then see your medical professional.

Myth 2. The more time you spend working out, the better.

One of the biggest deterrents for starting a new exercise routine is the idea that you don’t have enough time to commit to your new routine. The truth? There is no universal law that says the more time you spend in the gym, the better off you will be! In fact, most fitness professionals say a shorter, high-intensity workout is the best for overall fitness and commitment for several reasons. These shorter, intense workouts are more efficient, burn more calories and burn fat and not muscle. And, you don’t have to feel deterred from working out by buying into the myth that longer workouts are necessarily better!

Myth 3. Stretching is necessary after a workout.

This is an old one that is still around today. Now, if stretching allows you to recover faster, feel better and achieve your fitness goals, then keep going! There is little proven evidence, however, to correlate stretching with preventing injury. The bottom line? Stretch or don’t stretch! Whatever makes you more comfortable should be the rule in your workout.

Myth 4. The only way to get a killer set of abs is to do hours of crunches.

So many people think the only way to get strong abs is to spend hours doing sit-ups. It isn’t true. In fact, decreasing your sugar consumption, doing short bursts of exercise, reducing stress and getting more sleep are some surprising ways to eliminate belly fat and strengthen your mid-section. 

The Bottom Line

Before you begin any new workout plan, don’t listen to myths! In fact, don’t even take our word for it - speak to your doctor and be sure you are getting solid information and facts.

 At EleVen we believe in surpassing your limits - and that means letting go of old outdated information which doesn’t empower you to be better than your best.  By making sure you have good information, you can help to achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle!


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