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Celebrating Women in the Military

This past weekend, America marked Memorial Day, the holiday on which we remember and honor the brave men and women who have lost their lives while serving in our armed forces. EleVen is founded on the principle of being “better than your best.” Truly no one better exemplifies the concept of being “better than your best” than the men and women of the US armed forces. 


We should honor the memory of those who we have lost, and give our respect and thanks to our veterans and current service members, not just on annual holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but all year round.  We should also remember that it is not just brave men who are serving and protecting us, but courageous women, too. 


Women serving in the US military is not a new or recent development.  In fact, the history of women in the American armed forces is as old as American history itself!  Did you know that women have been members of the US military for more than 150 years, going all the way back to American Revolution? Since they were banned from combat, hundreds of brave women even disguised themselves as men in order to fight on the battlefield of the Civil War. 


In 2015, the Pentagon said that finally women could take on combat roles. This year we hit another milestone, with the first female infantry Marines joining a battalion.  In 2017 there now are over 200,000 women in the active-duty military, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) predicts that by 2020, women veterans will comprise nearly 11 percent of the total veteran population. 


As we celebrate the amazing women in the military, from all of us at EleVen, we send all of our gratitude and respect to the women and men of the US armed forces.