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The Story So Far: Lessons Learned #1

Everything you learned should be remembered and used in your life.

I was recently reading a book and ran across these words that really had an impression on me. “Everything you learned should be remembered and used in your life.” How true! This quote put into words what I have always felt, each lesson learned, good or bad, should be stored away in the memory banks for future reference so that we can make wiser and better decisions for the future. This goes especially for the tougher lessons we learn in life. We have to take responsibility for everything that happens to us. Sometimes when we feel we are wronged in relationships, whether its with family, friends or a significant other, it can make us bitter and judgmental to the rest of the world based on a few bad experiences with a few bad apples. In truth, we should be judging and correcting ourselves for whatever situations we find ourselves in next.

How I personally see it is that we should learn from these trying experiences where we were wronged, and take responsibility for it. We must say to ourselves, I could have put myself in a better position, I could have seen the signs, I chose to be here, instead of, what a terrible person that was (they may be!), its all their fault (that may be true too), and then become sour and keep making the same mistakes and choices in our relationships. I’ve made mistakes and bad choices too with the company I have kept, we all have. However, I like to keep it pushing, take responsibility for putting myself in any bad situation, learn from it, and at the very least, NOT make that mistake again! You’re only going to fool me with the same foolishness once, and with diligence, experience and luck, I will be able to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Since seeing these words, I have begun to think back on many of the lessons I have learned leading up to this moment, all the things I have learned in life that have brought me to now. I’ve had my share of triumphs, sometimes even disasters, funny times and downright sad times, just like everyone else.

All these moments have lead right to this very moment as I type these words on my computer for the EleVen by Venus blog. I don’t see my self as a writer, but I am writing because I have a lot to share and say, whether they are the lessons I have learned, the ones I am learning, or the experiences that I am having at this very moment.

So many people have supported me, helped me, influenced me, whether they were fans, mentors or teachers, I am thankful for them all. I am looking forward to sharing those thoughts with you.

Look Good, Play Well,