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Being An EleVen

I like to be good, I like to be great, in fact I’d like to be the greatest at everything I do. It doesn’t mean I will be, but I always try and give it absolutely my all. That’s what being an EleVen is all about. Here is the official definition of EleVen, its in the dictionary, I’m not making it up!

Ele-Ven - (eh, leh, ven) - The act of not only giving your best every time at whatever you do, but preparing yourself ahead of time to be your personal best and never setting limits.

Did you look it up? Wasn’t in your dictionary? Well if it wasn’t in there, log it into your own personal vocabulary. Being an Eleven is about going past the traditional 10, that’s setting limits, we are now going forlimitless. It’s about opening up your mind to accept the possibilities of what you can achieve if you don’t hold yourself back.

To truly live in the EleVen spirt, your have to prepare yourself to be your best. You can’t just show up on the scene thinking you are going to be on top if you haven’t prepared yourself. Whatever it is you want to achieve, go about doing it by setting goals and working towards them. Don’t be afraid of the hard work, in fact, the best and most memorable part of achieving success is the journey along the way. In my tennis career the wins that I remember the most and have been the most rewarding have been the ones that I have had to scrap for. Those make me the most proud, and those are the ones that build the most character.

Go ahead and pay the price, never set limits, open your mind to possibilities, they are endless!

Speaking of paying the price, I’m on my way to practice, got to get ready for this little tournament they call the US Open, I want to have my name on the cup!

Look Good, Play well,