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Welcome to EleVenByVenus.com

It is with much excitement (drumroll….) that I welcome you to the new EleVen by Venus.com website! (Confetti, bottles popping, the band plays on!)

For myself and the EleVen team, this site has been long awaited and much anticipated. Our goal is forEleVenbyVenus.com to be your personal resource to Look Good and Play Well. What does that mean you say? Looking good and playing well has been one of my long-standing mottos ever since I can remember. When I walk on the court, I want to look and feel my best so that everything else can fall into place and the only thing I need to focus on is my game.

The journey to looking good and playing well starts long before I hit the courts; it starts with taking care of myself from the inside out. I pay special attention to the fuel that I put into my body. I have made fitness and moving my body a daily and non -negotiable part of my life. Being strong and making healthy choices for my body makes me feel confident, energetic and ready to take on whatever comes my way. Consistently making choices in my life that are for my long term benefit gives me peace of mind and sets me up to focus on what I do best. Just being a professional athlete does not automatically equate to looking good and playing well. The fact is we have all seen and heard the stories of professional athletes who have made poor choices when it comes to taking care of their bodies, and made poor choices in their lives which ultimately ruined their careers and their dreams. For me, the secret has been consistently taking care of all aspects of my wellness, and that has made all the difference.

I also like to look good in what I wear, but name one person who doesn’t? Yep, I’m hearing crickets. This is how EleVen was born. I wanted to create an active wear line that allowed people to express themselves. Whether you are more conservative or more fashion forward you make the choice on your style and this choice is not chosen for you. I have always felt that style and expression was limited in active wear. What if you are tired of solids and want to wear prints? What if you don’t want to wear neon colors? My vision is to give everyone a choice to express who they are while being active and to encourage them to look their personal best. There is something about looking good that makes you feel good. Who hasn’t worn something or had a hairstyle that made you feel self-conscious? Wasn’t it an awful feeling to walk around the entire day not feeling confident? It makes it difficult to focus on what you really need to accomplish and makes it challenging to be your best.

My goal for creating EleVen is to help you to feel good about yourself, because what you wear makes you feel good and confident. This translates into you taking care of yourself from the inside out. This will prepare you to conquer each day throughout your life.

Ok, I hope I have not scared you… you may be thinking that you have to be a saint and dressed to the T to look and feel your best. But don’t worry you don’t, I admit, I don’t do that either! I enjoy days off, junk food and nights out, just not all the time. The secret to looking good and playing well is consistency. Consistently move your body, consistently eating well, and consistently making good choices for your life. I’m not saying there is never going to be a time where you take time off from being good because you just need a break. What I am saying is that taking long periods of time without taking care of yourself can have negative effects on your overall well-being.
So splurge by taking care of you, by taking care of you inside, and you’ll be surprised of how good the outside is going to look

I am looking forward to sharing with you my insights, ups, downs, and funny moments in this blog, in the meantime I encourage you to:

Never Set Limits!
Look good and Play well!
Express yourself with what you wear.

Your already on your way to being your best every single day. Stay with me, there’s more to come!

Look Good, Play Well,