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Hot Pants

When it comes to my workout attire, I like to dress as trendy as I do in my day-to-day life. Much like printed denim hit it big, printed workout leggings are now the hot commodity. How amazing are both of the ones I am wearing by EleVen by Venus? Aside from being incredibly cute, they are "legit" movable/ comfortable activewear {which is not surprising considering the famous tennis star has spent enough time in the gym to have given them a thorough test run.}

What I love most about printed leggings is when I spend the entire day wandering the city in my workout gear, I still look like a hip lassie {come on, I have a 7 month old and spend a lot of time carrying her around in an Ergo - cut me some slack!}. For those of you who work all week and on Saturdays don't feel like getting "dressed," you can still look cute running errands by reaching for these, rather than your usual boring black leggings {or worse, sweatpants!}. It can be our little secret whether you plan to hit the gym or not.

Not sure you can pull off this trend? They are surprisingly do-able for all shapes and sizes. Wider hips and fuller legs look great by pairing them with a longer tank to cover the tush. Meanwhile, gals with bigger bellies, but slimmer legs can pair them with a shorter looser top to attract more attention to their best asset.


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