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How To Find Your Happy Weight

Jennipher Walters

Posted on September 24 2013

Have you ever heard the term “happy weight?” That magical number on the scale where your body settles after living a healthy lifestyle that’s perfect for you? Well, it exists, but unlike what you've probably heard before, the number on the scale isn’t really that important. Instead it’s about the feeling you have in your body.

Being at a happy weight is when you feel comfortable, strong and just good in your own skin. Maybe your happy weight is 50 pounds less, 20 pounds lighter, 5 pounds lighter or even 15 pounds heavier than you are now. Again, it's not the number that matters. What does matter is how you’re taking care of your body — that you’re feeding it the foods that it really craves in the right proportions, giving it proper rest, and moving it with activities that you love and enjoy. This is what a truly happy weight and healthy lifestyle is all about.

In the media, we're all so bombarded with images of what’s beautiful and attractive that just aren’t realistic. So we begin to think that because we don’t look like the people we see on TV, we’re not enough. But we are. And we deserve to take care of ourselves. And we deserve to live a healthy lifestyle so that we don’t just settle into our happy weight (which is most likely far, far different than what we see in movies and magazines!), but we settle into that good feeling!

After all, that's what being at your happy weight is really about.

Top five tips to help you find and settle into YOUR happy and healthy weight—no matter what that number is!

1. Take a few deep breaths before you eat. Before you sit down to eat a meal, take three deep breaths to check in with yourself and have gratitude for the healthy food you’re about to eat. This helps you to be mindful and beat emotional eating.

2. Eat breakfast every day. Eat some protein, fiber and either a fruit or a veggie every morning. Gold star if you can get both a fruit and a veggie in!

3. Do exercise and activities that you love. Life is too short to do workouts you hate. Find activities you love and do them—often.

4. Talk to yourself like your best friend would. What kind of self-talk do you have going on in that head of yours? If it’s not-so-nice, start to notice, and start to swap it out for something your best friend would say instead of your own worst enemy.

5. Play a feel-good song for energy. Need an energy boost? Skip the double-mocha cappuccino and instead play a fun high-energy song. Play it loud. Dance it out for extra benefit.

Do you feel good in your own skin? What can you do today to find your happy weight?


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