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Shoulder Training For Tennis - Part 2

Part 2 in our series on Shoulder Training for Tennis from our guest Ken Macdonald, Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement Specialist. Part 1 of the series detailed shoulder injury associated with movement and performance in tennis.

The 3 exercises below demonstrate training the rotator cuff musculature and the scapula (shoulder blade).  The two work together and dysfunction in one will lead to dysfunction of the other.
Each exercise below combines proper scapular positioning and rotator cuff stability.

Exercise 1: Wall Plank Rotation

Key to Progress:  Make sure you keep the shoulder blades apart from each other during the entire exercise.  In other words, do not let you chest drop in towards the wall throughout the motion.  Work to complete 2 sets of 10 reps on each arm

Tempo:  Slow and controlled



Exercise 2: Five Finger Floor Presses

Key to Progress:  Make sure you keep your elbow pointed up to the ceiling and your shoulder down.  This is an isometric exercise.  Push into the floor for 5 seconds.  Repeat 10 times on each side

Tempo:  Isometric - No movement-maintain pressure through the fingers to the floor.


Exercise 3: Bottoms Up Kettlebell Get-Ups

Key to Progress:  Pick a light kettlebell (10-15lbs) and hold it upside down by the handle.  Maintain a tall spine and good core control.  Elbow should be out in front of the body just below the shoulder.  Shoot for 2 sets of 10 get-ups on each leg.  

Tempo:  Medium


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