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I’m currently taking some time off of the court. The season is over, and I am having a blast with the extra free time I have during the day!  I've been going to concerts, bowling, you name it and I'm spending plenty of time with design. 

With fashion design, you work years ahead it seems. We have already wrapped up fall 2014 and the samples are well on their way!  Our collection gets better each time.  The one thing I struggle with is color.  If I could use the same colors each season!  My favorite color pallete was from Spring 2013 - it was a dream!  Cream, aqua blue and melon, ahhh, dreamy! 

My favorite color at the moment is pink - just can’t get enough of it!  Slowly, my whole wardrobe and my life is turning pink. The last couple of EleVen collections have had pink so I’m pretty well stocked up on my workout gear coordinating back to my hair. Thank God.  My favorite color changes every few months. Before pink it was yellow and before that, grey, and even before that, white.  I guess I am just not very loyal!  I hope this pink phase lasts forever or else yikes, I don’t know what I'm going to do with all this "everything pink"  that I have!

The colors I dislike designing with are orange, dark purple, royal blue, red and burgundy. The rest of the team had to twist my arm to try to get my mind wrapped around new colors for Fall 2014.  I caved.  It turned out great. I hope you all like it too! I'll be designing spring and summer 2015 in the coming few weeks.

At the moment I am trying to figure out what my dreams are, what I want to be, what will I create? I want to design the perfect collection, any suggestions?

As always, Look Good, Play Well,


Pink Hair and 2013 Fall Pink Python

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