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Work At Getting Better - Tony Horton’s 7 Tips and Tricks

The master behind the best-selling fitness program in America, P90X®, shares his most motivating fitness Top 7!

There’s a defining characteristic I love and respect about Venus and other great athletes who are at the top of their game. They consistently strive towards getting better. Their determination to become quicker, more explosive and more durable, all while upholding an attitude that fuels domination of any competition. This same approach applies to the rest of us, more common, non-Olympic medal folk. Heath and wellness is unattainable for many of us simply because our priorities are out of whack.

The average non-athlete feels compelled to chase the latest diet plan or exercise craze with the hope they'll look like the fitness models they see in the magazines and on TV. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound very interesting or inspiring, but rather full of false-hope and unrealistic goals. Set goals that are realistic and that you are excited to achieve.

Don't train today so that the future might turn out differently. Exercise today to make today better, for today and for the future. Focus on improving your strength, power, flexibility, balance, range of motion, and your mental and emotional well-being TODAY. The past is history, the future a mystery, so attack today as if it's your last, because if you do, you'll enjoy the process more, have a greater sense of purpose and look incredible while doing it too.


  1. Find a friend. Since you are the company you keep, bail on the slackers and make plans with the achievers. Your odds for success significantly increase when you create accountability through training with friends and family. 
  2. Add the fun. Exercising because you “have to” or because some fitness trend is popular isn’t a great way to create inspiration or motivation for the long run. All of my workouts are interesting, challenging, and enjoyable. That combination will guarantee a strong desire to be consistent. Finding passion in fitness is crucial to enjoying yourself while attaining amazing results.
  3. Be consistent. The more you do, the better you get. Exercising only two to three days a week won’t elicit the results you’re vying for. Do you want to just survive, like everyone else, or do you want to see real results and thrive? If the answer is “YES!”, then you need to pick up the pace and begin to train five to seven days a week, and make it a lifelong habit.
  4. Add variety. Choose training techniques that take you out of your comfort zone, which will force you to focus on your weaknesses. Variety will also help prevent boredom and injuries, and improve your results in a shorter period of time. 
  5. Turn up the volume. More is better; more reps, more weight, and more resistance, will help improve your form, range of motion, and enhance the intensity. More intensity does NOT equate to a miserable experience. Tiny increments over time will not only improve your fitness, but it will also dramatically improve your physique.
  6. Find the yin. Sleeping, massage, meditation, and stress management etc., are the cornerstone of a fit and healthy lifestyle.  The discipline of training intensely, also requires the discipline of taking the time to heal and recover.
  7. Plan it. Schedule all of your workouts in advance. Figure out what you’re doing, what time you’re doing it, and whom you’re doing it with. Plan it, and you’ll do it; wing it, and you won’t. Buy an old school paper calendar and hang it up on the back of your front door, refrigerator or bathroom mirror, with all of your workouts scheduled for the month. Clip a red Magic Marker on the calendar. When the workout is over, cross out the date with a big, red “X.” The goal is 22 “X’s” / workouts per month, for the rest of your life.

Whatever way you choose to get your fitness in, consistently working at getting better is the best route you can take to help you achieve all your greatest fitness goals and more.