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Advancing Lower Body Training For Tennis - Part 2

Ken MacDonald

Posted on January 30 2014

This is PART 2 in a series to condition the athlete's ability to properly decelerate their body while reacting to their opponents shot in tennis. It requires a tremendous amount of force reduction and then instantaneous change of direction. These exercises are designed to enhance your body's ability to decelerate. Please refer to Part I post for more information and exercises.




Exercise B: Cable Resisted Lunge – This is a great progression from Exercise A in that it adds more load to the lunge.  In other words, slowing down your body weight and the weight from the cable machine demands a higher recruitment of muscle fibers.  The body will work harder eccentrically to control its center of mass as well as its joint alignment.  The recovery step is also more difficult in that you will be pushing back with more weight pulling you in the opposite direction


Exercise C: Single Leg Squat – This is the crème de la crème of single leg exercises.  Being able to do a full range (thigh parallel to the floor) single leg squat requires great transverse plane stability as well as tremendous quad and glute strength.  There is no other exercise that emphasizes the eccentric action of the legs more than this one.  You will find that the biggest challenge with this exercise is maintaining your posture and knee alignment as you lower yourself down as opposed to pressing back up.  Holding a light weight (5-8lbs) will actually help you maintain your spine angle and sit back into the heel of your foot as you lower yourself down.  Completing ten will be a feat in itself.  If you want to take it to the next level, try it with a weighted vest, but make sure you can do 10 reps of body weight first. 

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