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Purpose-Driven, Clean, Plant-Based Nutrition

My nutrition philosophy: plant-based, whole food, high-net gain, and alkaline forming foods that do not create biological debt.

If you are eating a traditional North American diet and aim to revamp it, or even just want to fine-tune your already solid nutrition plan, you may find yourself not knowing where to start: what foods should you eat? How should you combine them synergistically? When should you eat them?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Eat a plant-based whole foods diet - that’s essentially it. With a few small tweaks, that diet can bolster results above and beyond.

To help make informed food choices, keep in mind my three nutritional objectives:

1. High-net gain nutrition

This means eating foods that are easy to digest and contain the greatest amount of each micronutrient (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants) per calorie. Not only are whole, plant-based foods more nutrient dense - high in nutrition for relatively fewer calories - but they are also often easier to digest and assimilate, so your body doesn’t have to work as hard. Higher net energy gain from these foods results in minimized stress, more energy, and better sleep quality. You’ll also feel less hungry because you are giving your body what it biologically craves - nutrients.

2. Alkaline-forming foods

The typical North American diet is acid-forming (meat, bread, etc…), while the body naturally has an alkaline pH. Your body will always have an alkaline pH, but when inundated with acid-forming foods, it has to pull minerals from your bones to maintain an alkaline pH. Adding more alkaline-forming foods from a clean, plant based diet can help you combat inflammation, reduce stress, and protect bone health. A good indicator of whether a food is alkaline-forming is the presence of chlorophyll - the greener the food, the better.

3. Elimination of biological debt

“Biological debt” is the term I use to describe the unfortunate energy depleted state that North Americans frequently find themselves in. Often brought about by eating refined sugar or drinking coffee to gain short-term energy, biological debt is the ensuing energy crash. There are two types of energy: one obtained from stimulation (coffee, refined sugar, etc.), the other obtained from nourishment (nutrient dense, whole foods). You should aim to acquire energy through nourishment, not stimulation. Sound nutrition is a pre-emptive strike against fatigue and the ensuing desire for stimulants. Energy derived from good nutrition - cost-free energy - does not take a toll on the adrenal glands and so doesn’t need to be stoked with stimulating substances.

The Thrive Energy Cookbook contains recipes based on this Thrive Philosophy: plant-based, whole food, high-net gain, and alkaline forming foods that do not create biological debt.  You will find 150 chef-created, plant-based recipes that incorporate the three nutritional objectives of my Thrive Philosophy I’ve discussed. The recipes are functional, which means that each ingredient has a nutritional purpose. Every nutrient consumed becomes a functional tool to support health and wellness. Plant-based proteins form the foundation of health and are easy to incorporate into your every day life. Let the journey begin!