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Two Steps To A Bathing Suit

Swimsuit craziness abounds.  Even here in the Bay Area where I’d erroneously assumed we were…beyond that.  I’d surmised we were enlightened enough to buck the swimsuit season panic.

To my chagrin, I was wrong.

I’m also brazen enough to admit that I’m disappointed in my friends in the media.  I see bloggers and writers I admire preying on women’s insecurities over not being enough.  I see social media friends blog-posting, tweeting, and sharing articles titled: SWIMSUIT SEASON IS ALMOST HERE!! WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR GETTING IN THAT SUIT?!

How do we get a beach body? We put on a swim suit and head to the beach.

Life is short. Ephemeral. We are all fine, and enough, and swimsuit-READY right in this very moment.  I’ve hit that age where I’ve lost enough friends to know for certain they’d not have obsessed about beach/bathing suit appearance.  They’d have simply enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the feeling of sand between the toes.

These are the steps to a bathing suit bod I want for my little girl:

  1. Put on swimsuit.
  2. Hit the beach.

At eight, it’s all she knows. I pray at 18 she still feels the same.

And you?

Are you frustrated with the constant barrage of bathing suit body tips?