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Six Tips To Declutter Your Life

Carla Birnberg

Posted on November 18 2014

It's a hectic time of year.

Not only are we are ramping up for the holidays, we are also supposed to be simultaneously deciding what resolutions or intentions we will set for 2015.

On top of all that, I've decided right now would be the perfect time to pack up my entire house and relocate to Texas.

My entire, tiny, overly cluttered house.  

The thing is, I have a plan of attack.

I'm setting myself up for success and entirely convinced I will be able to remain clutter free even after I unpack my boxes in the new home.

How will this happen?

I’m printing and taping up my SIX TIPS TO HOME DECLUTTERING as soon as we move in.

Pick a place to start.
This sounds too simple to be true, yet with hindsight I am able to clearly see how my clutter wasn’t a result of not trying to organize--I flitted from room to room and just never finished.  This time I chose an area and focused on staying there until it was organized and finished.  Only then did I move on.

Enlist help. 
Life is about asking for precisely what you need.  Friends eagerly lent a hand when promised they could keep what I was giving away (<----huge benefit of being a blogger who does reviews).  The Child agreed to lend a (sticky) hand when told she had free reign over the music we cleaned by (Taylor Swift).  Extra tip: Keep a watchful eye on exuberant young helpers.  In her excitement, the eight year old almost tossed out items I wanted to save.

Designate a spot for ALL papers. 
Mail, letters, bills, cards from friends--- everything.  We no longer get a ton of mail (thank you online bill pay!), yet I’d not realized how I just drop papers wherever I am when finished with them.  Even if this didn’t add up to much actual CLUTTER it did create a lot of visual clutter. Visual clutter which increased my stress level.  Once I designated a “home” for each type of paper my clutter diminished dramatically.

Pick up 10 things & find them permanent homes. 
We all have items we use daily.   And, because of this, these things don’t have places we put them so they’re away from display.  My toaster, steamer, blender, cutting boards, for example, all sit out all the time.  It amazed me how much less cluttered my kitchen looked when I found these items homes away from view.  From beauty products to Barbie dolls finding homes for items normally left out tremendously diminishes clutter.

Teach the rest of the household where things belong. 
I almost typed the word children on this tip but recalled my Husband frequently saying: Id put this away but I’ve no clue where it goes. Once partners, spouses, roommates & kids know where items belong you’re well on your way to a clutter-free home without having to do  all the work yourself.

Create an I’m not sure yet box. Don't go crazy & giveaway things you may really wish to keep.  Don’t listen to the 'if you haven’t worn it in a year give it away!" adage if something has sentimental value.  Don’t donate books if you may want to reread them.  Don’t toss cards you’ve received/children's drawings if you’re not 100% sure.  Save these items in one place & revisit them months down the de-cluttered road.  Then decide.

Now it's your turn:

When was the last time you decluttered your home?
Have you tried any of these six tips yourself?


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