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Mindful Eating

I’ve been a mindful eater for close to twenty-five years.

And yet, when I step back and think about it, I know nothing about mindful eating.

I’ve not ready any mindful/intuitive eating books.

I’m not a registered dietician. 

I’m not a nutritionist. 

I‘m just a woman who grew frustrated with how she felt, STOPPED, paid attention, listened to her body (finally) & ended up where she is today.

What do I mean when I say mindful eating?

Always being in the moment when I eat. Savoring.  Embracing.

Food for me really is simply a form of fuel in the best and most positive of ways. It’s a way I expressappreciation for my body.

Food is my way of supporting my body and thanking it for doing what I ask of it each day.

Food, for me, is never a form of denial or punishment.

When I began mindful eating it wasn’t a term that was used.

For me, even though I’m frequently asked for tips and trick, this was a gift as I was ‘forced’ to muddle my way though.

Any formula or “here’s how!” was only assembled in hindsight.

How did I get started?

  • I became conscious about how food(s) made me feel (greetings gluten!): I changed nothing and simply journaled using words like full, bloated, itchy, tired, light, crabby etc.
  • I re-found my hunger.  I'd walked around STUFFED for years and hadn't noticed.  I decided to STOP before I ate and analyze my hunger on a scale from 1-5.  One meant I was famished and five meant I was over-full.  I learned I couldn’t function if I allowed myself become a one & that three, for me, often indicated I was 'boredom eating.'
  • I used a pair of jeans as a 'weight-barometer' & used the scale only at doctor's visits.  I knew the jeans should fit easily (without lots of exercise or calorie restriction) and if they didn’t I viewed it all as simply information.  I’d sit with the jeans-information and decide what to do (or not to do) about it.
  • I still ate with some distraction.  I currently see 'experts' admonishing us to never eat near a computer, television etc.  I won't lie.  I love watching TV or reading while I eat.  For me it adds to the pleasure and does not cause me to overeat. I believe this is a personal choice.

How can you start today?

This is another question I’m frequently asked.

I give you an acronym.


  • Make connection between food and how you feel. (Not only emotions but feelings as described above.)
  • Intuitive need not be a scary word.  When we stop, trust and listen our bodies intuitively know what they need.  It may be frightening initially. It becomes empowering over time.
  • No distraction while eating. Savor. Experience. TASTE. Focus. No multitasking. You may choose differently later, try this initially.
  • Don’t weigh. If you normally weigh weekly take this week off! Temporarily shed the scale.  This may be uncomfortable but mindful eating is all about shaking things up & getting outside of your comfort-zone.

What do you think? Are you ready to join me and give mindful eating a try?