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One of the hardest things about getting fit and staying fit is keeping up the motivation to do so. Here we compiled a list of our top five fitness apps to help you along your way. Some of these keep track of your stats, some provide a little extra motivation, and others just keep your mind busy while you are working out.


Charity Miles

Charity Miles is one of my personal favorites, whether you are a runner or biker, the way it works is really simple. You just create an account, pick a charity and go out and put in your miles. For every mile you put in a random donor who has already agreed to donate puts in a few cents. At the end of your workout you get to see the impact you have had on your favorite charity. Sometimes helping others is all the motivation we need!



MyFitnessPal is pretty effortless, it keeps track of your caloric intake, and how many calories you have burned off through activity. It also comes with an easy-to-use website that can help you manage your profile. There are quite a few similar apps out there; however this one has no upfront investment and has the easiest to use interface and largest glossary of food items.



Strava is intended for those slightly competitive people who love to see how they measure up against their friends and their community. This app allows you to see the times and achievements of other people you probably don’t know. If you have ever wondered who else bikes that hill by your house or if you have the fastest beach-run time around, then Strava is perfect for you.



Nike Plus is another app that is geared toward runners both serious and casual. It has advanced friend, challenge, and coaching options that really help you beat your best times and longest distances. Nike Plus also has an extensive website and Fuel Point system that goes along with their app for the non-runners. The fuel point system is built more for the fitness-minded individual and with a small investment, a tracker can keep a close eye on your fitness goals and just how well you are moving.


Vida Health Coach

This app comes at a per-week charge but is really handy if you have fitness goals that you aren’t sure how to accomplish. For a weekly fee you get a personal trainer available via the app who will recommend specific workout routines for your situation and monitor your progress. All of the trainers have backgrounds in a myriad of different skills, everything from running marathons to working out with a disability. For a small fee you can get a great workout plan tailored just for you with a focus on your overall fitness.


Some or all of these apps could really change how you work out and how you keep track of your progress. Sometimes the hardest part of a fitness regimen is knowing what you have done, and knowing what to do next. At EleVen by Venus we like to focus on challenging yourself to achieve goals, and if you are having trouble doing so then please give one of these apps a try. If you want to Look Good while you are working on these fitness goals then we have you covered as well, just go HERE and check out the new EleVen by Venus collection!





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