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4 Heart Pumping Activities to Combat Gym Boredom


Sometimes we all get bored with a fitness routine, but the answer isn’t to give up! The answer is to go out and try a new activity that will peak your fitness curiosity. Keeping interest in any activity should be the first fitness goal in order to get the most out of your training. Time to get your EleVen Gear and join in on some exciting new sports! Here are four activities we suggest to break up the monotony of your workout week:


  1. Rock Climbing- If you’ve never tried it, rock climbing can be one of the most exhilarating experiences and you should absolutely try it. Climbing is also an amazing workout, focusing on strengthening your entire body. It’s one of those sports that you can actually enjoy the workout because you’re able to experience beautiful scenery and when you can scale a full mountain, it gives you a sense of pride & accomplishment. Some aren’t able to experience the adrenaline rush of climbing through Yellowstone, but worry not. Rock Climbing gyms are becoming very lucrative and they’re popping up everywhere. Gyms are a fun and easy way to break into rock climbing. There are trainers on staff ready to teach you the ins and outs and setup you up with all the equipment you need. Adventure is out there, so go climb a rock!


  1. Barre- It’s all the rage now…fusing dance, yoga and intense stretching together to create a calming, yet productive workout. Barre classes are available at most gym’s now and there are even studios specifically specializing in Barre. No weights or equipment necessary! Barre combines some mat work, like planking or basic yoga then movies onto the “Bar” for a lower body workout you won’t forget. Barre relies on small isometric movements to build strong, lean muscle like a sculpted ballerina. Classes are affordable, so schedule one today!



  1. Boxing & Kickboxing- With the popularity of women like Holly Holms and Ronda Rousey on the rise, MMA is definitely on our watch list. But more specifically, we love the idea of Boxing and Kickboxing as an enjoyable yet intense workout. There’s hardly a better workout for cardio and you’ll strengthen you’re whole body. Boxing gyms usually have a “test-it-out” class and since it’s a solo sport, you don’t have to commit a lot of time to it. Once or twice a week will keep you active and you’ll fall in love!


  1. Flow Arts- A more tranquil yet exciting activity to try is the art of Flow generally describes movement-based art forms that can include fire dance, poi, hula hooping and tight rope walking. Think meditation like yoga but with a playful twist. These types of activities are for the non-competitive minded but can be a very fun and fulfilling source of exercise and you’ll gain more community ties. “Flow Fest” and Flow Workshops can be found almost anywhere and have a fast growing following. Not ready to jump into a workshop? There are hundreds of instructional videos to help you self-learn these skills. Grab your props and hoop the night away!


At EleVen, we believe in challenging yourself and getting your heart pumping, but we also believe that you should look good and feel good about yourself while doing it. We design clothing that helps you not only get out there and play well, but to be confident in how you look at the same time! Check out our newest activewear collection HERE!